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Chapter 3-11 The Firebolt

  • Although in shock, somehow Harry had manages to get back through the tunnel to Hogwarts. He goes straight to his room to look for pictures with Black in the photo album he got from Hagrid with pictures of his parents. He feels a undescribable hatred for Black.
  • Having been unable to get to sleep, next day he finds out it's the first day of holiday. Ron and Hermione warn Harry not to go after Black himself. Harry tells them about how he hears his mother die every time a Dementor is near. But Ron and Hermione insist Black is too dangerous to go after himself. The only thing they found that belonged to Pettigrew was a finger.
  • They decide to visit Hagrid. Hagrid is in tears. He got a letter saying Buckbeak the Hippogriff will have to be taken to the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures. Hagrid says it will be executed by the gargoyles at the Committee if he loses the case. The three offer to help in Buckbeaks defense.
  • In the library they do some research about accused Hippogriffs. There's some information about a Hippogriff that was convicted and about a Manticore that was let off, but they do not find any substantial help yet.
  • On Christmas morning Harry receives presents. A jumper, mince pies, christmas cake and nut brittle from Mrs. Weasley. He also gets a present from an anonymous donoe; a brand new broom, a Firebolt. They speculate about who might have given it to Harry. Hermione enters, she's suspicious about the donator of the Firebolt. Crookshanks tries to catch Scabbers again. Harry's Sneakoscope starts whirling.
  • There's lunch in the Great Hall. All the teachers and the few students sit at the same table. When finishing dinner, Harry and Ron leave while Hermione has a short word with Professor McGonagall.
  • They go back to their common room through the portrait hole with the password "Scurvy cur". As they are admiring the Firebolt, Professor McGonagall comes in. She confiscates the Firebolt to have it examined for jinxes. Hermione had told McGonagall about the broom because she suspected it was sent by Black
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