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Chapter 3-7 The Boggart in the Wardrobe

  • Malfoy does not show up for classes until the next Potions class with Professor Snape. In this class they learn how to make a Shrinking Solution. Draco pretends he cannot use his arm to cut his ingredients and Ron is ordered by Snape to do it for him. Harry is then ordered to skin Draco's Shrivelfig.
  • Neville's potion has gone wrong, turning orange instead of green.
  • Seamus Finnigan tells Harry that Black has been spotted not far from Hogwarts, according to the Daily Prophet. Draco, overhearing their conversation, starts criticising Harry, saying that if he were in his place, he would go after Black himself. Harry doesn't understand what he is insinuating.
  • Snape tests Neville's potion on his toad Trevor. Neville's shrinking potion worked, as he had help from Hermione fixing it.
  • After classes Harry and Ron notice that one moment Hermione's right behind them, some seconds later she is way behind them.
  • Next they have Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Lupin. He takes them along the corridors. In one of the corridors, Peeves is putting gum in Mr. Filch's broomcloset. After warning Peeves to take it out, Peeves refuses. Lupin charms the gum out into Peeves' nose with a Waddiwasi charm.
  • He leads them to the staff-room. Inside the wardrobe there's a Boggart. Boggarts are creatures who like dark, enclosed spaces. They're shape-shifters who can take the shape of whatever they think will frighten people most. The charm that repels a Boggart is laughter, accompanied by Riddikulus. Neville is the first one to confront the Boggart, which turns itself into Professor Snape at seeing Neville. Neville charms it into his grandmother's clothes. The Boggart continues to the next person, and so on. The Boggart turns into a mummy at confronting Parvati Patil, into a Banshee confronting Seamus Finnigan, into a rat, into a rattlesnake, into a bloody eyeball, into a severed hand confronting Dean Thomas and into a Spider confronting Ron. As it is about to confront Harry, Lupin hurries forward and it turns into a silvery white orb. It turns into Snape again and Neville finishes the Boggart off. Harry and Hermione hadn't confronted the Boggart
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