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Chapter 4-11 Aboard the Hogwarts Express

  • The day after, at the Burrow, Mrs. Weasley tells Mr. Weasley he has an urgent message from the Ministry. Harry sees Amos Diggory's head talking to Mr. Weasley in the middle of flames in the fireplace. He says people from the Improper Use of Magic Office were heading to the scene. Mr. Weasley asks what Mad-Eye said had happened and Amos tells him that Mad-Eye caught some intruders at his house.
  • Bill explains to Harry that Moody, Mad-Eye Moody, is an old friend of Dumbledore's. He goes on to to say that Moody used to work as an Auror; a Dark-wizard-catcher, for the Ministry. He had made himself lots of enemies, and people say he's become paranoid.
  • Bill, Charlie and Mrs. Weasley take the rest to King's Cross. The taxi-drivers do not seem happy, having to transport owls, and a number of No-Heat Fireworks go off while the driver carries Fred's trunk.
  • They get on the Hogwarts Express at Platform nine and three-quarters.
  • When Harry, Ron and Hermione sit down in the compartment, they hear Draco Malfoy saying that his father had considered sending him to Durmstrang. Hermione explains that Durmstrang is another wizarding school with a lot of emphasis on the Dark Arts. She read it in Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe. All schools are 'hidden', bewitched against muggles. It might have Muggle-Repelling Charms like the Cup stadium had, and they have made it Unplottable; enchanted so that it is impossible to plot on a map.
  • They also meet again with Seamus, Dean and Neville.
  • Malfoy overhears them and starts asking if they are going to enter. They don't know what he is talking about. Malfoy tells them he heard about it from his father ages ago, and makes fun of Ron because his father didn't even tell him. Ron breaks the glass from the compartment door when sliding it shut and Hermione repairs it with a Reparo.
  • They arrive at Hogwarts some time later.
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