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Chapter 4-14 The Unforgivable Curses

  • The next two days are calm. While Hermione teaches Neville a Scouring Charm during class, they talk about Snape's behaviour. Professor Snape is angry he did not get the job of teacher the Defense Against The Dark Arts class again.
  • Harry has his first Defense Against the Dark Arts class from Professor Moody. Moody tells them to put away their "The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection" books; they won't need them today. He will teach them curses; illegal curses. First he shows them the Imperius Curse which exacts total control over a person or creature, using Imperio on a spider. Moody tells them that years ago the Ministry had a hard time trying to figure out who was truly cursed with it and who lied about being cursed so that they would not have to be held accountable for their actions.
  • Next he performs the Cruciatus Curse on the spider, giving it unbearable pain with a Crucio after making it a bit bigger with a Engorgement Charm, Engorgio, to show the effect. When finished showing the effect, Moody shrinks it back with a Reducio.
  • And finally he demonstrates the killing curse Avada Kedavra by using it on the spider. Moody explains that there is no counter-curse for the last one; the only person known to survive is Harry.
  • These three curses are known as the Unforgivable Curses.
  • After class, they see Neville, whose parents (1+2) had been driven insane years ago, is a bit upset. Moody sends Neville to his office to have a word with him.
  • Harry and Ron go back to their dormitory to do their Divination homework. They find Neville there with his eyes red. Moody has given him a book called Magical Mediterranean Water-Plants and Their Properties. Harry and Ron begin studying, consulting their Unfogging the Future books, but end up making up their own predictions for Divination class. While making up their stories, they see Fred and George sitting together looking like they're up to something.
  • Hermione comes in and shows them she set up S.P.E.W., the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare to stop the enslavement of House-elves.
  • Hedwig flies in with a letter from Sirius saying he is coming their way.
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