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Chapter 4-27 Padfoot Returns

  • Harry gets a letter from Sirius telling him to be at the end of the road at Dervish and Banges at the next Hogsmeade weekend.
  • Before entering Potions class, Malfoy shows Harry, Ron and Hermione an article in Witch Weekly about Hermione by Rita Skeeter. It describes Hermione as an awful fame-seeker, but she's not offended by it. In classes they make a Wit-Sharpening Potion. Hermione wonders how Skeeter knows details of things she is not supposed to know. Snape spots the article and reads it out loud as punishment to Hermione for reading in class. Snape accuses Harry of breaking into his office. Harry denies this. Snape shows Harry Veritaserum, a Truth Potion, threatening to use it on him. Karkaroff comes in, desperately wanting to talk to Snape. Snape wants to talk after class. Harry deliberately knocks over a bottle to overhear the conversation after class. Karkaroff shows Snape something on his inner forearm.
  • The next day they depart for Hogsmeade village. In Gladrags Wizardwear they buy a present for Dobby. At half past one they make their way past Dervish and Banges towards the edge of the village. They find a black dog there; it is Sirius. The dog starts walking and they follow it. Sirius leads them up a mountain to a cave where he hides.
  • He tells them he's been stealing the Daily Prophets daily, and he's getting worried about all the news articles concerning Mr. Crouch and he wants to know everything that happened the night of the Quidditch World Cup and the Dark Mark event. He tells them it was Crouch who sent him to Azkaban without a trial. Crouch used to be head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He was tipped as the next Minister of Magic. He used to be very outspoken against the Dark side. Years ago, when Voldemort was at the height of his power, Crouch rose quickly through the Ministry of Magic and ordered harsh measures against Voldemort's supporters. Aurors were given new powers; for instance to kill instead of to capture, and he authorised the use of the Unforgivable Curses against suspects. When Voldemort disappeared, it looked like Crouch would go right to the top job. But then his son [click only if you read following chapters] was caught with a group of Death Eaters. Crouch put his son on trial and sent him right to Azkaban. His son died about a year after they brought him in, Crouch and his wife visiting his deathbed.
  • Sirius also wonders about Snape's involvement. Snape always was interested in the Dark Arts and knew more curses then many other students who turned out to be Death Eaters, like Rosier and Wilkes; both of whom were killed by Aurors, the Lestranges (+R) couple; they are in Azkaban, and Avery, who claimed to have been under the Imperius Curse at the time.
  • Harry tells Sirius that Karkaroff showed Snape his arm.
  • Sirus asks Ron to check with Percy if he's seen Mr Crouch lately and if they have any leads on Bertha Jorkins.
  • They go back down the hill. Sirius suggests to use the name Snuffles instead of his real name when talking about him when he is near other people. They return to the village and then back to Hogwarts.
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