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Chapter 4-28 The Madness of Mr Crouch

  • Harry, Ron and Hermione go to the school kitchen to give Dobby his present. Harry thanks Dobby for the Gillyweed. Winky is getting more depressed every day, drinking six bottles of Butterbeer per day. Harry asks Winky if she knows more about Mr. Crouch's whereabouts. Winky says that she doesn't just help Mr. Crouch, but is also trusted with his most important secrets. She tells him she does not reveal what they are. The other House-elves are ashamed of Winky's behaviour. Harry, Ron and Hermione send some food they got from the kitchen to Sirius.
  • Hermione took a subscription to the Daily Prophet. She also receives daily letters from people who are angry at her because of the last article by Rita Skeeter. She receives a letter with undiluted Bubotuber pus.
  • In Care of Magical Creatures classes, Hagrid shows them Nifflers, creatures who like sparkly stuff. They are used for treasure detection. The Nifflers dig up Leprechaun gold that Hagrid has buried.
  • Hermione receives more hate mail and Howlers. She wants to know how Rita Skeeter manages to listen in on private conversations. After their Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson in which they had Hex-deflection, Harry remains with a case of Twitchy Ears. He asks Moody if he has any idea how Rita Skeeter is getting her information. Moody can just confirm that she is not using an Invisibility Cloak.
  • A letter from Percy arrives, saying Mr. Crouch is taking a break.
  • Professor McGonagall tells Harry to go to the Quidditch pitch at night where he'll be informed about the third task. At night he finds out the Quidditch pitch has been turned into a maze. The Cup will be placed in the centre. The first one who touches it will receive full marks. Bagman explains there will be obstacles; creatures, spells and other things.
  • Afterwards, Krum wants to have a word with Harry. He heads for the forest and Harry follows. Krum wants to know what there is between Harry and Hermione. Harry tells him there is nothing between them; that they are just friends. They hear something behind the trees. They find Mr. Crouch. Crouch looks as if he's been travelling for days and he seems delirious, seemingly talking in air to Percy. He's babbling that he needs to warn Dumbledore and that he has done a stupid thing. He is also talking about Bertha, his son, and the Dark Lord.
  • Harry goes to get Dumbledore while Krum watches Mr. Crouch. At the entrance of Dumbledore's office he finds the password has changed. Snape emerges from the entrance. Dumbledore comes out a moment later and they speed back to the forest. Neither Krum nor Crouch is there. With a Lumos Dumbledore makes some light in the dark and they find Krum Stunned on the ground. Dumbledore brings him back to consiousness with an Enervate. Krum explains he was attacked from behind. Dumbledore sends for Hagrid, Karkaroff and Moody. Moody is already arriving on the spot. Karkaroff is furious, thinking it's all a plot. Hagrid takes Harry back to the school.
reviewed and edited by Judy Nathanson


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