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Chapter 4-30 The Pensieve

  • Harry waits while Dumbledore accompanies Fudge and Moody downstairs. Harry sees Fawkes, the Sorting Hat and the sword of Godric Gryffindor. He also sees something shimmering from inside a black cabinet and checks it out. He sees a basin with a whitish silver substance. When he prods his wand into it, he sees inside.
  • He sees room full of witches and wizards and an empty chair in the centre. Bending down and looking closer, his noses touches the substance and Harry falls into the room. He's sitting next to Dumbledore in some dungeon, but neither Dumbledore nor anyone else seems to notice Harry. Harry realises this is some sort of memory item.
  • He sees two Dementors bringing in a man in a room (book 5 spoiler!). It is Karkaroff. Next he sees Mr. Crouch asking Karkaroff for the names of the Voldemort supporters he claims to have. Harry also sees Moody. Everybody looks much younger. Karkaroff starts naming names, beginning with Antonin Dolohov. Crouch says Dolohov is already apprehended. Evan Rosier, Crouch states. He is told Rosier is dead. Travers, who helped murder the McKinnons. Augustus Rookwood who works for the Ministry at the Department of Mysteries. This name seems to surprise Crouch and the rest, but he tells Karkaroff that Travers and Mulciber are already in custody. Then he names Snape. Crouch says that Snape has been cleared by the council. Dumbledore says that Snape was a Death Eater but he rejoined their side before Voldemort's downfall and turned spy for them.
  • The event fades away and Harry sees the scene return to a different time. Again Mr. Crouch is there. He also sees Rita Skeeter and Dumbledore. This is a different trial. Ludo Bagman is brought in. Crouch states that Bagman is brought before the Council of Magical Law to explain his contact with Death Eaters. Bagman claims he didn't know and that he was tricked. Rookwood was a friend of his father. He didn't know about that when he gave him information. Rookwood promised him a job at the Ministry. The jury decides he is innocent.
  • The dungeon dissolves again and returns. Next to Mr. Crouch, this time, his wife is sobbing. Crouch's son is brought in, together with three others (1, 2, 3 book 5 spoiler). They are accused of capturing the Auror, Frank Longbottom and his wife and subjecting him to the Cruciatus Curse. They are sentenced to life in Azkaban. Crouch's son keeps claiming to be innocent while the other three promise to bring Voldemort back to power.
  • Dumbledore asks Harry to come back and they return to Dumbledore's office. He explains to Harry that the basin is a Pensieve, used to store memories.
  • Next he shows Harry another memory. This one is of Bertha Jorkins telling Dumbledore she "was only teasing him but he put a hex on her when she said she saw him kissing Florence"
  • Harry tells Dumbledore about the dream he had in Divination. Dumbledore wants to know if his scar hurt at any time after it did in the summer. He heard about the last time from Sirius. Harry would like to know if it was just a dream or maybe Voldemort is getting stronger. Dumbledore does not know. But regarding Jorkin's and Crouch's disappearance, and lately a Muggle called Frank Bryce who has been reported missing, it is not that unlikely that Voldemort is getting stronger.
  • Harry asks about Neville's parents and is told they are both insane. They are in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Neville has been raised by his grandmother.
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