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Chapter 4-31 The Third Task

  • Harry tells Ron and Hermione about all the things he saw in the Pensieve. They speculate intensely about everyone Harry had seen.
  • Ron and Hermione help Harry prepare for the third task, practicing charms and hexes like the Impediment Jinx. Professor McGonagall gives Harry permision to practice in the Transfiguration classroom. He also practices the Reductor Curse, used to blast solid objects out of the way, and the Four-Point Spell, used to make a wand point north. Harry still has difficulties with the Shield Charm, creating a temporary invisible wall to deflect curses. Hermione manages to shatter it with a Jelly-Legs Jinx. They see Malfoy outside speaking in his hand as though he was using a walkie-talkie.
  • Harry receives another letter from Sirius telling him to be careful.
  • The day of the third task arrives. Hermione receives her copy of the Daily Prophet. It has an article about Harry by Rita Skeeter, speculating about Harry's health and saneness, stating that his scar regularly hurts. Malfoy told her that Harry can speak Parseltongue and Skeeter doubts whether Harry won't end up in Dark Arts. They wonder again how she could have known all these things. Hermione has a sudden hunch.
  • Professor McGonagall tells Harry that he, Krum, Fleur and Cedric are requested in the Hall after breakfast to see their family. The families of the Champions are there, Amos Diggory and his wife, Krum's parents, Fleurs parents and her sister Gabrielle. Mrs. Weasley and Bill have come to see Harry. Both studied at Hogwarts and ask about Sir. Cadogan and the Fat Lady. Mrs. Weasley tells them she was once caught by Apollyon Pringle, the caretaker in those days. They take a walk through the castle. Mrs. Weasley tells Harry Percy is under a lot of strain concerning Mr. Crouch's disappearance and Mr. Fudge will replace him in the judging at night.
  • At night the judges takes their seats at the staff table; Fudge, Bagman, Dumbledore, Karkaroff and Madame Maxime. Dinner is served.
  • The third task is about to start at the Quidditch pitch. Hagrid, Professor Moody, Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick will be patrolling the outside of the maze. If anybody is into difficulties, they have been instructed to send three sparks into the air and one of the professors will come and get them out.
  • Bagman amplifies his voice again with a Sonorus and announces the third task of the Triwizard Tournament will begin. Harry and Cedric enter first. Both use a Lumos to create some light and they split up in different directions. After a while Krum and Fleur enter.
  • Harry uses the Four-Point Spell Point Me to orientate himself. He runs into Cedric who had an encounter with Blast-Ended Skrewts which are enormous by now. They split up again. Harry runs into a Dementor and uses the Patronus Charm Expecto Patronum on it. He realizes it is a Boggart and uses a Riddikulus next.
  • Next he runs into some odd golden mist. He tries to blow it out of the way with a Reducto, but to no effect. He hears Fleur yell, he takes the chance and tries to run through the mist. The world turns upside-down, after a while he manages to get out.
  • A Blast-Ended Skrewt turns up. He casts a Stupefy but it bounces on its armour. Next he tries the Impediment Jinx Impedimenta but it also ricochets off the armour. He tries again, this time the Skrewt freezes but just temporarily. Harry runs.
  • He hears Cedric asking "What are you doing" and next Krum's voice, casting a Crucio. He tries to go there to help Cedric but can't find the way. With a Reductor Curse he blows a small hole in the hedge and goes through. Krum is standing over Cedric. Then,seeing Harry, he runs away. Harry stuns him with a Stupefy and helps Cedric up. They split up again.
  • Harry meets a sphinx and has to solve a riddle.
  • He continues and finally arrives at the open area with the Triwizard Cup. He sprints for it but Cedric is also going for it. A giant Spider is in Cedric's path. Cedric just lost his wand. Harry speeds to help, casting a Stupefy at the spider. It's no use, the spider is too big, and he's caught by its legs and lifted up. Cedric also is yelling Stupefy. Harry tries an Expelliarmus and it works. The Disarming Charm makes the spider drop him. Both of them cast another Stupefy at the same time and the spider keels over sideways.
  • Harry's leg is bleeding. Both think the other should get the Cup. They end up taking it together. The moment they take the handle, their feet leave the ground and they're pulled onwards by the Cup.
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