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Chapter 4-33 The Death Eaters

  • Voldemort draws out his Wand and examines Wormtail's good hand for the Dark Mark
  • Voldemort tells Harry he stands on the remains of Voldemort's late father. He was named after his father, Tom Riddle.
  • The Death Eaters Apparate from thin air and form a circle around Harry. Voldemort says he smells guilt and performs a Crucio on one of the Death Eaters, Avery, who begs for forgiveness. He charms Wormtail a new hand replacing his cut off stump; a reward for his help. Among the Death Eaters there is also Lucius Malfoy, Walden Macnair, Crabbe, Goyle and Nott. He says the Lestranges (+R) are still in Azkaban, and his most faithful servant is at Hogwarts.
  • Voldemort explains that Lily Potter, Harry's mother, died attempting to save Harry. She performed some old magic that he overlooked. The death curse bounced back on him. He goes on to tell what happened in the years following this until now; how he used Quirell to get the Sorcerer's Stone; how he went into hiding again; how he got information with a Memory Charm and afterwards killed Bertha Jorkins; how he used a potion from Unicorn blood and Nagini's venom to stay alive up till how he managed to get Harry with help from a Death Eater at Hogwarts.
  • Voldemort uses the Cruciatus Curse Crucio again on Harry. Harry is given his Wand back; given a chance to fight back.
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