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Chapter 4-34 Priori Incantatem

  • Harry has his Wand back. Voldemort challenges him to a Wizard's Duel. Harry knows he has no chance. He is hit with the Cruciatus Curse and with the Imperius Curse. While casting an Imperio Voldemort tries to make Harry beg for mercy. Harry manages to resist and hides behind the grave of Voldemort's father. The fight is about to end; Harry has nowhere to go.
  • In a final effort Harry spells an Expelliarmus at the same moment that Voldmort tries to finish him off with an Avada Kedavra. Both spells meet in mid-air and get connected, mixing into a deep golden bright light. They are both fixed to their Wands, struggling to win. The two lift from the ground. The golden thread forms a protecting web around them. Harry hears the Phoenix song and is told not to break the connection. His wand begins to vibrate heavily. Harry fights back and Voldemort's wand now vibrates, a bead of light going in Voldemort's wand's direction. When it touches, something happens.
  • A tranparent ghost of Cedric comes out of Voldemort's wand, telling Harry to hold on. Next the ghost of Frank Bryce comes out and the one from Bertha Jorkins. And finally his father, James and his mother, Lily. His parents tell him that when the connection breaks, he has to get the Portkey immediately to return to Hogwarts. Cedric asks him to take his body back to his parents.
  • Harry pulls up his wand and the connection breaks. Harry runs. The Death Eaters try to stun him and Harry casts back a Impedimenta while getting Cedric's body. Holding Cedric, Harry uses an Accio to make the Triwizard Cup fly to him. He catches it and is transported back to Hogwarts.
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