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Chapter 4-36 The Parting of the Ways

  • Barty Crouch is tied up. Dumbledore takes Harry upstairs. McGonagall is asked to guard Barty Crouch and Snape is sent to get Fudge who likely wants to question Barty Crouch.
  • Sirius is waiting upstairs for him. Dumbledore tells Sirius everyting that has happened. Fawkes, the Phoenix, flies over to heal Harry's leg. Harry has to explain in detail about his encounter with Voldemort. According to Dumbledore the connecting Wands was the effect of a Priori Incantatem, the reverse spell effect. It's because both wands contain a feather of Fawkes and they will not work properly against each other. One will force the other to regurgitate spells, the last murders the wand performed.
  • Harry will stay at the Hospital wing at night and take a Sleeping Potion.
  • Next morning he hears Professor McGonagall, Snape and Fudge arguing. Apparently Fudge took a Dementor with him for protection. The moment it entered it performed the Dementors' Kiss on Barty Crouch. Fudge refuses to believe Voldemort is back. Dumbledore tells Fudge he should remove the Dementors from control of Azkaban and to send envoys to the Giants to extend a hand of friendship, but Fudge remains stubborn and still refuses to believe Voldemort's return. Snape shows him the Dark Mark on his arm. Still, he is not convinced. Before leaving he gives Harry the thousand Galleons prize money.
  • Dumbledore makes arrangements to put everybody on alert, asking Mrs. Weasley and Bill to inform Mr. Weasley. Hagrid and Madame Maxime are sent for.
  • Sirius is asked to take his human shape. Dumbledore tells Snape and Sirius to lay aside old differences. Sirius is asked to contact Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher, the old crowd. Snape is asked to do 'what he knows he must do'.
  • Harry feels guilty about Cedric's death.
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