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Chapter 5-12 Professor Umbridge

  • Fred and George advertise for people to test their products. Hermione says Lavender also does not believe Harry and Dumbledore. At breakfast Angelina tells Harry she's been made Quidditch Captain. George mentions they'll have a hard year with OWL's coming up. He remembers that last year Patricia Stimpson and Kenneth Towler had problems too, the latter having trouble because Fred put Bulbadox powder in his pajamas. They even think about not continuing next year; year of the NEWT's.
  • During break, Cho comes up to Harry for a talk. Ron starts about her supporting the Tutshill Tornados and Cho leaves.
  • At Potions they have to make the Draught of Peace. Many mess up but Snape punishes Harry, with an Evanesco Snape vanishes Harry's potion.
  • Next he has Divination from Professor Trelawney. They read from The Dream Oracle by Inigo Imago for dream interpretation.
  • Finally they have Defense Against the Dark Arts. Umbridge tells them they will learn theory from "Defensive Magical Theory". Hermione asks about it and Umbridge explains there will be no actual practicing spells this year. Harry gets into an argument with Umbridge about whether Voldemort is back and as a result he gets a week detention and is sent to McGonagall
  • McGonagall warns Harry to take it easy, since Umbridge will be reporting to the Ministry.
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