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Chapter 5-14 Percy and Padfoot

  • Harry wakes up and writes a letter to Sirius. Next he sets out to the owlery. Nearly Headless Nick warns him that Peeves is planning a joke on the next person passing the bust of Paracelsus. During his walk, Mrs Norris passes by and disappears behind the statue of Wilfred the Wistful.
  • In the owlery he sends Hedwig away with the letter. When he watches her fly over the Forbidden Forest, he sees the strange horse-like creature rise out of the trees, circle around and plunge back into the trees.
  • Cho enters the owlery to send a birthday-present to her mother. Next Filch storms in, accusing Harry to have ordered Dungbombs. Cho sticks up for Harry.
  • During breakfast Hermione reads in the Daily Prophet that Sirius has been spotted in London. They think that Lucius Malfoy may have spotted Sirius/Snuffles at Kings Kross. Another article says Sturgis Podmore has been arrested by watchwizard Eric Munch trying to break into a top security door at the Ministry of Magic. He has been sentenced to six months in Azkaban by the Wizengamot.
  • Hermione says they should work on the essay for Sprout and start on McGonagall's Inanimatus Conjurus Spell before lunch instead of practising for Quidditch.
  • In the afternoon they go to Quidditch practice. Malfoy and other Slytherins are watching, trying to provoke them and making fun of them. Ron has a bad training session, accidently giving Katie a nosebleed. Fred, by mistake, gives Katie a Blood Blisterpod and they stop training when her nosebleed is too bad to continue.
  • In the evening Ron receives a letter from Percy, brought by Hermes. He advises Ron not to fraternize with Harry, Dumbledore and his supporters. He also says that that the Ministry will be taking steps at Hogwarts and he should watch out for tomorrows' issue of the Daily Prophet.
  • Sirius's head appears in the fireplace, using the Floo Network, to talk to Harry. They talk about his scar hurting, and about Umbridge. Lupin also does not like her, because she drafted a bit of anti-Werewolf legislation two years ago. Umbridge loathes part-humans. They tell him Umbridge does not let them train spells and Sirius explains Umbridge is afraid Dumbledore is building his own private army to take on the Ministry of Magic. Sirius says there's no news from Hagrid yet.
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