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Chapter 5-17 Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four

  • Harry and Ron walk downstairs, discussing a new Quidditch move called the Sloth Grip Roll when they see a group of people reading a large sign on the Gryffindor noticeboard. It's a new Decree banning all type of student meetings without knowledge of the High Inquisitor, Umbridge. They wonder if she knows about their plans, and if one of the students might have told her. Hermione says that's not possible, as she has put a jinx on the parchment they signed. They decide to go ahead with the plan anyway.
  • Angelina tells Harry and Ron that they will also need permission for the Quidditch team.
  • During History of Magic, Hedwig is at the window bringing a letter. Harry lets her in and finds out she's hurt. Harry leaves class and goes to the staff-room to see Professor Grubbly-Plank. She looks at Hedwig and says she's been attacked. Sometimes Thestrals go for birds but Hagrid's got the Hogwarts Thestrals well-trained not to touch owls. Professor McGonagall warns Harry that 'communication channels in and out of Hogwarts may be watched'. The letter is from Sirius, telling him to meet again at the fireplace. They wonder if the letter has been read and re-sealed by anybody.
  • Draco is bragging about Lucius Malfoy's influence at the Ministry and how Slytherin already got Quidditch permission from Umbridge. He also makes fun of Mr. Weasley, and of Harry and says that it is only a matter of time before the Ministry sends him to a special ward of St. Mungo's. At that moment Neville tries to get at Draco and has to be held back by Harry and Ron.
  • Potions class starts and Professor Snape has his class monitored by Umbridge. They continue working on the Strengthening Solution. Umbridge is interrogating Snape about him wanting the job of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
  • Harry is going to Divination. Trelawney is very upset because she got bad results from her inspection.
  • Gryffindor didn't get quidditch permission yet.
  • Fred and George are doing a showcase of their Skiving Snackboxes. They show a product producing a vomiting-reaction. Lee is using a Vanishing Spell to clear the vomit.
  • Sirius appears in the fireplace. He knows about their plans of practicing Defense Against the Dark Arts themselves. Mundungus told him. He was disguised as the woman in the Hog's Head while keeping an eye on Harry. He also has been ordered by Mrs. Weasley to tell Ron not to participate and advise Harry and Hermione likewise. She could not say it herself, she's on duty that evening. Sirius on the other hand thinks it's an excellent idea. He suggests to use the secret passageway behind the big mirror on the fourth floor, but Harry says Fred and George told him it's blocked. Sirius responds with a frown and says he'll think about other options. Then he suddenly gets alarmed and disappears, the next moment they see Umbridge's hand coming out of the fireplace, trying to grab anything or anybody she can get hold of.
reviewed and edited by Judy Nathanson


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