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Chapter 5-20 Hagrid's Tale

  • Harry, Ron and Hermione go and see Hagrid, taking Harry's Marauder's Map and Invisibility Cloak. Hagrid's face and hands are full of congealed blood, cuts and bruises. He slaps a piece of Dragon mean on his face for healing. Hagrid admits he has been away looking for the Giants. He just got back from his mission. He starts telling about the journey.
  • He went with Madam Maxime. Dumbledore told them where to look, but they had to take a detour to shake off someone from the Ministry tailing them. They went through France, Poland and Minsk, and finally arrived in the mountains and found the Giants.
  • In the morning, they went to see them. Dumbledore told them to bring the Gurg, the Giant chief named Karkus, a gift every day. The first gift they brought him was a branch of Gubraithian Fire and told him it is a gift from Albus Dumbledore with respectful greetings.
  • The next day they brought him a Goblin made battle helmet and they talk to him. Karkus heard of Dumbledore and the fact that he argued against the killing of the last Giants in Britain. He seemed interested in what Dumbledore had to say, as were some others who spoke a bit English.
  • That night there was a fight between the Giants, in the morning Karkus was dead and the new Gurg is Golgomath. When they went over to present a roll of dragon skin as a present, Hagrid was caught and Maxime had to rescue him using Conjunctivius Curses.
  • They spent a few days waiting in hiding. They found out Death Eaters were bringing Golgomath gifts.Hagrid had recognized Walden Macnair.
  • They look for Giants in hiding to see if they can find some who would consider taking their side. Macnair and the others were trying to find them. They find three Giants in hiding. Later some more come but then Golgomath's lot raided the caves and after that these Giants didn't want anything to do with them anymore.
  • Hermione asks Hagrid about his mother Fridwulfa, but Hagrid was told she died years ago.
  • Suddenly Umbridge knocks on the door and the three hide under the Invisibility Cloak. Hagrid meets with Umbridge for the first time. Umbridge seems to be looking for Harry Ron and Hermione. She saw footprints in the snow towards Hagrid's cabin. She questions Hagrid thoroughly and asks why Hagrid went away. He answers that it was for health reasons and a change of scene. She asks 'Mountain scenery?'. Harry suspects Umbridge knows where Hagrid has been. She finally leaves.
  • Hermione suggests to Hagrid to teach something acceptable, considering a coming inspection by Umbridge. Harry has something different and interesting in mind and much more impressive. He's been bringing them on for years, and he reckons he's got the only domestic herd of it in Britain. Hagrid is deaf to Hermione's objections to teach something sensible.
  • Hermione uses an Obliteration Charm to leave no tracks in the snow on the way back
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