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Chapter 5-21 The Eye of the Snake

  • Hermione tries to convince Hagrid again to teach accepted material but Hagrid can not imagine 'anybody rather studying Knarls than Chimaeras. He still does not want to tell what he's keeping in the Forbidden Forest, it's a surprise.
  • Hagrid has his first lesson. He takes the class into the Forbidden forest. After ten minutes they stop and Hagrid puts a half a cow on the ground. Harry sees great black winged horses emerging from the darkness. Most people appear not to see them. Only two other people, a Slytherin boy and Neville see them too. Hagrid explains they are Thestrals. Hermione explains only people who have seen death can see Thestrals.
  • Professor Umbridge arrives for an inspection. Hagrid explains the students they started with one male and five femail Thestrals. Tenebrus is the name of the first born in the Forest. Umbridge deliberately makes Hagrid's inspection awfull. Neville tells Umbridge he saw his grandfather die.
  • Christmas is coming and Harry is invited to spend it at the Weasleys. At the last DA meeting Dobby has decorated the room. Harry quickly pulls down a mistletoe when Luna points it out and she says that was good thinking because they're often infested with Nargles. Angelina tells them Harry, Fred and George have been replaced for the Quidditch team. Ginny is the new Seeker and the new Beaters are Andrew Kirke and Jack Sloper. Everybody in DA is making progress. After the meeting is over, Harry remains alone with Cho, she's crying about Cedric.
  • Half an hour later Harry returns to the common room, Hermione is writing a letter, Ron is doing homework. Hermione asks and Harry confirms that he and Cho kissed. Hermione knows about Cho crying all the time these days. She mentions the letter is to Viktor.
  • Harry goes to sleep and he dreams. While dreaming, the dream changes and he feels his body smooth, powerfull and flexible. He's gliding between metal bars across the floor. He sees strange vibrant colours in the dark. He turns his head and goes into a corridor. First it seems empty but then he sees a man sitting on the floor, his outline gleaming in the dark. He wants to bite the man but has more important work to do. The man moves, a silver Cloak falls from his legs as the man jumps to his feet, drawing a wand. Then he rears high and strikes three times, the man yells in pain and falls silent.
  • Harry wakes up, his Scar in agony. Ron is standing over him looking frightened. Harry manages to say that Mr Weasley is attacked and seriously hurt by a huge Snake. Neville goes for help. McGonagall arrives and Harry tells her what happened.
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