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Chapter 5-22 St Mungo's Hospital

  • McGonagall takes Harry and Ron to Dumbledore's office. They hear voices coming from the room. They enter. Harry tells Dumbledore what happened. Dubledore does not look at Harry but asks how he saw it. Harry says he saw from the Snake's perspective, through its eyes. Dumbledore calls two of the Headmasters in the pictures on the walls, Dilys and Everard, he tells Everard to raise the alarm and both move out of their pictures. Harry now understands who had been talking when they had knocked on the door. Dumbledore tells them the Headmasters can go to other places where their pictures hang. Then he sends Fawkes away to send a warning. Next he takes a silver instrument and tips it with his wand. It makes clinking noises and green smoke comes out of it, then a serpents head forms and Dumbledore talks with it. The head dives in two and then Dumbledore makes it go away.
  • Everard retuns to his portrait. He yelled for someone to check. They found Mr Weasley covered in blood. He says he ran along to Elfrida Cragg's portrait to get a good view. Moments later Dilys returns and tells Mr Weasley was taken to St Mungo's Hospital. McGonagall is send to wake the other Weasley children. She asks about Mrs Weasley but Dumbledore answers that that will be a job for Fawkes after he's finished keeping a lookout for anybody approaching.
  • Dumbledore takes an old blackened kettle and performs a ¤ Portus on it. He calls one of the other Headmasters called Phineas wearing Slytherin colours of green and silver, and tells him to go to his other portrait to deliver a message. Phineas complaints he's too tired but Headmaster Armando Dippet says they are honour-bound to give service to the present Headmaster. Phineas is send to tell Sirius that Mr Weasley is hurt and Harry and the Weasleys will be arriving shortly. Harry recognises Phineas's voice from the picture in the bedroom in Sirius' house.
  • Ginny, George and Fred come in with Professor McGonagall and all will be send to Grimmauld Place. There is a flash of flame and Fawkes leaves a single golden feather, it's Fawkes's warning. Professor Umbridge must know they are out or their beds. They take the old kettle which Dumbledore charmed into a Portkey and when Dumbledore looks at Harry, Harry suddenly feels an intense hate for Dumbledore while his Scar burns white-hot.
  • The next moment the portkey takes them away to Grimmauld Place and they arrive in the basement kitchen. Sirius askes what happened and Harry tells again, only not that he was watching from inside the snake because Fred, George and Ginny might think something of it. Fred, George an Ginny want to go to St Mungo's immediately but Sirius convinces them that's not wise and they wait for Mrs Weasley to get there. Fawkes drops by a scroll of parchment accompanied by a tail feather. It's from Mrs Weasley, sying Mr Weasly is still alive and she's going to St Mungo's, they need to stay there and she'll send news.
  • After hours of waiting, Mrs Weasley arrives and she tells them he'll be all right. They'll go there later, Bill is with him now.
  • Harry tells sirius about the dream and about the flash of hate he felt for Dumbledore just before they transported by portkey.
  • In the morning they go to St Mungo's, accompanied by Tonks and Moody. Tonks is interested in Harry's vision, asking him if he has any Seer blood in his family. The entrance is at a department store called Purge & Dowse Ltd. They enter into a crowded reception area. It's full of witches and wizards, some having strange symptoms like a witch with steam coming from her mouth, a warlock clanging like a bell when he moves. Healers are walking all around.
  • They enter the queue for Enquiries. Harry sees a portrait of Dilys Derwent, the Headmistress he saw in Dumbledore's office. At the desk he sees the different departments, Artefact Accidents on the ground floor, Creature-Induced Injuries on the first, Magical Bugs on second, Potion and Plant Poisoning on third, Spell Damage on fourth and Visitors' Tearoom / Hospital Shop on fifth.
  • On the front of the queue an old stooped wizard with a hearing trumpet is there to see Broderick Bode and next a wizard with his daughter who has sprouted wings, they are sent to the fourth floor. They're next and send to the first floor, Dai Llewellyn Ward. They arrive at the ward and see that Healer-in-Charge is Hippocrates Smethwyck and Trainee Healer is Augustus Pye.
  • In the ward Harry sees a portrait with written by it Urquhart Rackharrow. It says he's the inventor of the Entrail-expelling Curse. There's only three patients. Mr Weasley says he's fine, only the bleeding does not want to stop so he can't leave yet, it seems that there was some unusual kind of poison in the snake's fangs that keeps the wound open. He has to keep taking a Blood-Replenishing Potion.
  • One of the two other patients, a wizard, has been bitten by a Werewolf. The other one, a witch, does not want to tell what bit her, so they think it must have been something she was handling illegally. He also says he's been reading in the Daily Prophet that Willy Widdershins was arrested, he turned out to be behind the regurgitating toilets. They found him when one of his jinxes backfired and he was unconsious. Widdershin came off the charge, possibly 'gold changed hands'. Now he's been caught trying to sell biting doorknobs to Muggles, two Muggles are in St Mungo's at that moment.
  • They are send out of the room to let in Tonks and Moody, but they overhear some part of the conversation with Extendable Ears, they're worried about the connection Harry and Voldemort have and if Harry is a risk or at risk.
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