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Chapter 5-23 Christmas on the Closed Ward

  • Harry is back at Grimmauld Place. Mrs. Weasley is worried about him. He thinks he's the weapon Voldemort is after; a way to spy on the Order of the Phoenix.
  • Phineas Nigellus appears in his frame and talks to Harry, who wants to run away. He brings a message from Dumbledore, telling him to stay where he is. He has another dream about the corridor, it gets clearer every time he dreams about it.
  • It's Christmas. Hermione has come back from skiing holiday and talks to Harry. She came on the Knight Bus. He also talks with Ron and Ginny. Ginny tells Harry he's not being possessed, she knows what it's like from experience.
  • For Christmas presents Harry gets a Broom Compass and a homework planner. From Sirius and Lupin he got books titled Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts. Sirius seems more happy then ever. From Hagrid he got a magically protected wallet with fangs, from Tonks a model of a Firebolt, from Ron Every Flavor Beans, from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley the usual hand-knitted jumper and some pies and from Dobby, a painting.
  • Fred and George Apparate and tell them their mother is crying because Percy sent back his gift.
  • Harry gave Hermione a book called New Theory of Numerology. Hermione also has a present for Kreacher and they go to his bedroom to leave it there. In Kreachers bedroom they see pictures among who one of Bellatrix Lestrange, the glass mended with Spellotape. Nobody has seen Kreacher lately.
  • They go by car to St. Mungo's and wait in line at the reception, Bill joins them. Somebody in front of the line is sent to the fourth floor to Spell Damage. Next they go to Mr. Weasley. He asks if anybody has seen Healer Smethwyck.
  • They have a discussion about Mr. Weasley trying stitches to close his wound, a muggle remedy, after Trainee Healer Augustus Pye suggested it.
  • All but Mrs. Weasley go up to the tearoom on the fifth floor. Some Healer in a painting is bugging Ron that he's got spattergroit.
  • On the Spell Damage floor they see Professor Lockhart and a Healer [named Miriam Strout] 'invites' them to visit him. The Healer leads them into the Janus Thickey Ward by unlocking the door with a ¤ Alohomora. They go along. The Healer tells them it's their long-term resident ward, they have been making improvement with Mr Bode who seems to be regaining the power of speech though not speaking any language they recognis.e Lockhart talks about his fanmail from Gladys Gudgeon. In a bed opposite they see a wizard called Broderick mumbling to himself who receives a potted plant as christmas present. Two beds further a woman called Agnes is covered in fur.
  • Harry sees Neville and his grandmother. They meet with them both but Neville seems embarrassed. His grandmother says Neville should be proud of his father Frank and mother Alice.
  • When they leave Harry tells the others it was Bellatrix Lestrange who used the Cruciatus Curse on Neville's parents untill they lost their minds.
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