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Chapter 5-26 Seen and Unforeseen

  • Luna doesn't know when the next issue of the Quibbler will come out, her father (Mr Lovegood) has been expecting an article about Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.
  • Hermione explains Harry what 'went wrong' with their date and how he should have had more tact.
  • Ron and Ginny tell that Quidditch practices are not going well. Hermione, looking up to find her copy of Spellman's Syllabary, says Quidditch is creating bad feelings and tension between the houses.
  • At the Quidditch match they lose by ten points when Ginny finally catches the snitch under Hufflepuff Seeker Summerby's nose.
  • Harry dreams about a black door and almost opens it when he's woken by Ron making a snore.
  • Harry receives many letters, his interview has been published in the Quibbler. Luna says it came out yesterday. Some letters are positive, other are not so friendly. One particular reader recommends 'a good course of Shock Spells'. Umbridge comes over to their table and Harry tells her he gave an interview. By midmorning there's a new decree prohibiting all students from having the Quibbler in possession.
  • In the next days all students have read the article and public opinion about Harry is positive again. Also Cho and Seamus make up with Harry. Draco, Crabbe and Goyle are talking in the library with a boy called Theodore Nott when harry is looking for the book he needed on Partial Vanishment. Harry named all their fathers as Death Eaters.
  • Luna says the Quibbler sold so many copies, her father had to reprint.
  • At night Harry dreams again, seeing through the eyes of Voldemort. A man called Rookwood asks for forgiveness. Voldemort seems to have been badly advised. Avery had told Voldemort Bode would be able to remove it. Rookwood says Bode could never have taken it and would have known he could not, that's why he fought Malfoy's Imperius Curse so hard. Voldemort has Avery sent in. Voldemort turns toward a mirror and Harry wakes up when he sees Voldemort's reflection in the mirror.
  • When going back to sleep his Scar lights up in pain again, Harry knows that somewhere Avery is being punished.
  • Hermione figures Bode must have been murdered because of this. When he tried to remove the 'thing' something happened to him which made his brain go all funny and he could not talk sensible. But in St Mungo's he started to recover and they couldn't risk him getting better and telling everybody. Hermione figures that Malfoy probably got Sturgis Podmore with the Imperius Curse too. And now Rookwood has told Voldemort how to get what he wants to obtain.
  • Harry has Occlumency lesson again. Snape asks him about the memory of his dream about a man kneeling in a dark room. Snape wonders how Harry feels about having dreams about Voldemort. They practice more, Snape uses the ¤ Legilimens to enter Harry's mind, Harry uses a ¤ Protego to defend himself. At that moment he sees memories belonging to Snape. Snape forces Harry out of his mind, Harry staggers backward toward some shelves. Snape uses a ¤ Reparo to repair the fallen jars. Harry had used a Shield Charm. They try again and now Harry sees himself hurtling along the corridor toward the Department of Mysteries, opening the black door and getting into a black-walled and black-floored circular room lit with blue-flamed candles and more doors around him. Snape breaks the connection and asks Harry to explain himself. Then they hear a woman scream and Snape gazes at the ceiling. They go to see what it was.
  • It is Professor Trelawney. It turns out Umbridge has sacked her. Trelawney is hysterical. Professor McGonagall tries to calm her down. Next Dumbledore enters, he had been out in the grounds, and tells Umbridge that Trelawney may be sacked but she does not have to leave Hogwarts. Flitwick helps with a ¤ Locomotor trunk to get Trelawney and her luggage up to her room again. Dumbledore also found a new Divination teacher, and next the Centaur Harry recognizes as Firenze walks in.
reviewed and edited by Judy Nathanson


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