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Chapter 5-27 The Centaur and the Sneak

  • Harry and Ron have their first Divination class by Firenze. Firenze greets Harry and says it was foretold they meet again, all other students are in awe. Firenze tells them his herd banned him from the Forbidden Forest because he agreed to work for Dumbledore. They look at the stars like with astrology. Firenze reveals the stars tell that in the past decade wizardkind was living through a calm between wars, Mars suggesting that the fight must break out again soon.
  • After class Firenze asks Harry to tell Hagrid that his attempt is not working and he would do better to abandon it.
  • OWLs are drawing nearer. Hannah Abbot is the first to receive a Calming Draught from Madam Pomfrey.
  • DA meetings keep Harry from getting miserable. They are practicing the Patronus Charm. During practice Dobby comes to warn them that Umbridge is coming. They all flee.
  • Harry is tackled by a Trip Jinx by Draco. Umbridge arrives and sends Draco and Pansy to look for the others.
  • Umbridge takes Harry to Dumbledore. In his office McGonagall and Fudge are also waiting. Kingsley Shacklebolt and another tough-looking wizard are positioned like guards by the door and Percy is sitting holding a quill and parchment.
  • After seeing Dumbledore give a hint, Harry replies to Fudge he does not know why he's there. When Fudge looks at Umbridge, Harry sees Dumbledore give the carpet the tiniest of nods and the shadow of a wink. Harry keeps pleading innocence.
  • Next Umbridge goes to fetch their informant. She comes back with Marietta. Umbridge mentions that Marietta's mother, Madam Edgecombe works at the Ministry at the Department of Magical Transportation at the Floo Network office, she has been helping them to police the Hogwarts fires. Marietta raises her head and her face is horribly disfigured by purple pustules and form the word 'SNEAK'. Marietta told Umbridge about the DA and the Room of Requirement. Since Marietta saw herself in the mirror she refuses to tell anything more.
  • Umbridge also mentions they have a testimony from Willy Widdershins that Harry met with the other students in the Hog's Head to plan it. McGonagall accuses them that that's why he was not prosecuted for the regurgitating toilets.
  • Dumbledore argues that that was before the decree on student societies was in effect, so Harry is innocent. Harry thinks he hears a rustle and Kingsley whispering, also it looked like something brushed his side. Marietta now denies there have been meetings after the decree.
  • Umbridge gets angry at Marietta and starts shaking her. Dumbledore and Kingsley tell her to control herself.
  • Then Umbridge shows the list Pansy found in the Room of Requirement, all the DA names are on it.
  • Dumbledore takes all the blame. He tells them he won't come quietly and has no intention to be send to Azkaban. Fudge looks at Kingsley and the other guard. Dumbledore warns the other Auror, Dawlish, not to use force. Fudge orders Dawlish and Shacklebolt to take Dumbledore.
  • After some hectic events, Harry is on the floor, McGonagall had forced him and Marietta down. Fudge, Dawlish, Shacklebolt and Umbridge lay motionless on the floor. Fawkes flies around. Dumbledore explains Shacklebolt had modified Marietta's memory during the interrogation.
  • Dumbledore leaves, he says he's not going in hiding though. Dumbledore again tells Harry he must study Occlumency as hard as he can, he will understand why soon enough. When Dumbledore touches Harry, he feels his scar in pain and a sudden hate and anger towards him. Next thing Dumbledore and Fawkes disappear.
reviewed and edited by Judy Nathanson


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