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Chapter 5-28 Snape's Worst Memory

  • The next day there's an announcement stating Umbridge has replaced Dumbledore. Draco tells them he's member of the Inquisitorial Squad and takes points of Gryffindor House. Fred and George tell them that Montague also wanted to dock points but they threw him in the Vanishing Cabinet. They don't care anymore about getting in trouble and plan to do some mayhem.
  • Filch tells Harry that Umbridge wants to see him. Harry is brought to her office. Umbridge offers Harry something to drink but Harry is suspicious and pretends to drink. Umbridge asks him where Dumbledore and Sirius are but Harry says he doesn't know. Umbridge believes him but warns him that all communications are watched, except for her own fireplace. Next thing, there's a loud BOOM.
  • Downstairs someone seemed to have set of an enormous crate of enchanted fireworks, probably it was Fred and George. Umbridge tries a ¤ Stupefy to stun a fireworks rocket but it only makes it worse, exploding with tremendous force. All over the castle there's fireworks and classes are completely disturbed for the rest of the day.
  • At night in the common room Fred and George tell them they used all of their Weasley's Wildfire Whiz-bangs and are taking orders for their new products, among which a Basic Blaze Box and a Deflagration Deluxe. Harry drowses into sleep and has his corridor dream again. He goes through the circular room and opens a door and entering a long rectangular room full of an odd mechanical clicking and flecks of light on the walls. He goes on to the end of the room and opens a door. He enters a dimly lit Hall high and wide as a church, containing rows of shelves with dusty spunn-glass spheres. There's something in this room he really wants badly, his Scar is hurting. Next thing, he's woken up by a fireworks.
  • The next day when Harry goes to his Occlumency lesson, he meets with Cho and they have an argument. Arriving in his office, Snape is putting some of his memories into the Pensieve. Before they start Draco rushes in, calling Snape because Umbridge needs his help, Montague has been found. Snape leaves with Draco. Harry's attention falls on the Pensieve and he looks into it seeing one of Snape's memories.
  • In the memory they have OWLs. Harry sees his father James Potter and Sirius and some girl eyeing hopefully at Sirius. He also sees Lupin and Pettigrew. Flitwick tells the students time is up and to put down their quills, he specifically tells someone called Stebbins to put it down too. James is playing with a golden Snitch. James seems to be full of himself. James and Sirius pick on Snape. With a Expelliarmus James disarms Snape and with a ¤ Impedimenta he freezes him. With a ¤ Scourgify he 'washes Snape's mouth' but then Harry's mother Lily Evans appears and tells them to leave Snape alone. Snape recovers and hits James with a jinx. James charms Snape upside down but lets him go when Lily tells him to. Snape goes for his wand again but Sirius uses a ¤ Petrificus Totalus to freeze Snape again. James seems to be very conceited and arrogant.
  • Next thing, Harry is out of the memory. Snape is back in the office. Harry is sent away and told not to come in his office ever again.
reviewed and edited by Judy Nathanson


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