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Chapter 5-29 Careers Advice

  • Harry feels bad about the way he saw his father. In the library Harry tells Ginny he'd like to talk to Sirius.
  • There's an anouncement and all fifth-years will meet with their Head of House. Harry, Ron and Hermione look at posibilities in some flyers. Gringotts is looking for Curse Breakers. Fred and George heard from Ginny that Harry wants to talk to Sirius and suggest to do it in Umbridge's office after creating some diversion.
  • Harry sees Hagrid coming limping out of the forest going to his cabin.
  • Snape ignores Harry completely, for the better since now he manages to concoct an Invigoration Draught easily.
  • Harry goes to his career meeting with McGonagall. Umbridge is also there. Harry tells McGonagall he has been considering becoming an Auror. She says that it's difficult, you need at least five NEWTs. He'll need to take at least Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms and Potions. McGonagall and Umbridge get into an argument and next Harry may go.
  • In the afternoon Harry he enters the office of Umbridge using Sirius's knife and under his Invisibility cloak. Using Floo Powder he enters with hishead and goes through the Floo Network to Grimmauld Place. He sees Lupin who goes to fetch Sirius who has gone upstairs to look for Kreacher. He talks to them about what he saw in the Pensieve. Both tell him that James and Sirius were a bit of idiots and arrogant when they were fifteen but they changed after that. Harry tells them that Snape won't teach Occlumency anymore. They say Harry has to tell Snape he's not to stop giving lessons, there's nothing so important as Harry learning Occlumency. Harry hears footsteps and goes away.
  • Filch comes in and Harry just in time hides under his cloak. Filch is looking for an Approval for Whipping, finds it and leaves. Harry leaves too.
  • Fred and George converted an corridor of the Gregory the Smarmy statue into a swamp. Umbridge is about to punish them when they summon their brooms with an ¤ Accio brooms and fly off leaving Hogwarts. Before they leave anybody who wants to buy a Portable Swamp can come to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley.
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