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Chapter 5-30 Grawp

  • Fred and George's leaving becomes something of a legend. Peeves causes more trouble then he ever had before. Someone put a Niffler in Umbridge's office. Ron and Hermione wonder how Fred and George managed to buy a premises and Harry explains he gave them his Triwizard winnings.
  • Hermione urges Harry to take Occlumency lessons again. Ron had heard him dreaming. Harry had the same dream again, passing through the corridor, the circular room, the room fullof clinging and inside the cavernous room full of shelves with spheres, towards row number ninety-seven, turned left and then woke up.
  • Last Quidditch match for Gryffindor has arrived, it's against Ravenclaw. During the game, Harry and Hermione are called by Hagrid to go with him. He takes them into the Forbidden forest. He's armed. He tells them that the Centaurs are livid with Firenze and that they almost kicked him to death, Hagrid had to save him.
  • Hagrid shows them a Giant tied up with some ropes. He has been trying to teach him manners and English. It's his half-brother called Grawp. Hagrid wants Harry, Ron and Hermione to take care of him in case he gets fired. Hagrid wakes Grawp up and shows him Harry and Hermione.
  • They go back and encounter the Centaurs. A centaur called Magorian tells Hagrid he knows he's not welcome. Harry also sees Bane. Hagrid argues with Magorian. Magorian says this time Hagrid can leave since he's acompanied by his young. Bane mentions Harry and Hermione are not Hagrid's children but students. Anyhow they are send to leave by Magorian since slaughter of fouls is a crime.
  • They get back to the castle and find out the Quidditch match is over, Gryffindor won.
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