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Chapter 5-31 OWLs

  • Harry and Hermione tell Ron about Grawp.
  • OWLs are getting close. Harry hears Draco bragging that his father is close to the Wizarding Examinations Authority. Neville does not think it's true because Griselda Marchbanks is a friend of his grandmother and she never mentioned the Malfoys.
  • In the meanwhile, a big black-market trade in aids to concentration is growing. Ron is tempted by Baruffio's Brain Elixer. But Hermione stops him and says it doesn't work; nor does Dingle's Powdered Dragon Claw. They are fake.
  • McGonagall gives people their OWL examination tables. She mentions strict Anti-Cheating spells, banning of Auto-Answer Quills, Remembralls, Detachable Cribbing Cuffs and Self-correcting Ink.
  • First exam on monday is Charms. Harry tests Hermione. Hermione accidentally hits Harry in the nose with Achievements in Charming. Parvati and Lavender practice a Locomotion Charm.
  • During dinner they see the examiners arrive. Professor Marchbanks asks Umbridge where Dumbledore is. She mentions she examined Dumbledore personally in Transfiguration and Charms when he did NEWTs.
  • After Charms theory exam, students are called in alphabetically for practical exam. Hermione goes together with Goldstein, Goyle and Daphne Greengrass. After a while it's Harry's turn who is examined by Professor Tofty. Harry needs to do some Levitation Charm, a Colour Change Charm and a Growth Charm.
  • The day after is the Transfiguration exam and next is Herbology.
  • Then Harry has Defense Against the Dark Arts exam. Professor Tofty heard from his friend Tiberius Ogden that Harry can conjure a Patronus with the Patronus Charm. Harry shows it with a Expecto Patronum. Hermione still has an Ancient Runes exam.
  • Again someone put a Niffler in Umbridge's office.
  • Harry's exam in Potions goes well. In the Care of Magical Creatures exam Harry has to identify a Knarl, demonstrate how to handle a Bowtruckle, feed and clean a Fire Crab and choose a diet for a sick Unicorn.
  • Divination does not go to well. Astronomy theory exam went well enough. In the evening Harry has the practical exam. During the exam Harry sees five or six shadows moving over the lawn. He hears a distant knock and a dog barking. He sees Hagrid open the door and six people enter. Harry hears a roar. Then a loud BANG. Harry sees the six people trying to stun Hagrid. Harry hears Hagrid say the name of one of them. It is Dawlish, which Harry knows is one Fudge's Aurors. Another one is Umbridge. A Stunning spell catches Fang. Then they see Professor McGonagall speed over to the scene. She's caught by four Stunners at the same time and blown off her feet. Hagrid runs away with Fang.
  • It turns out it was Lee who had been putting Nifflers in Umbridge's office.
  • During his final exam, History of Magic, Harry, while staring at Parvati's back, wishes he could only perform a little Legilimency to know the answer on a question. While closing his eyes and burying his face in his hands, the answer comes to him. He drowses off in thought.
  • He is walking along the corridor again, through the circular room, the long rectangular room full of an odd mechanical clicking. Through the cathedral-sized Hall full of shelves with glass spheres, reaching number ninety-seven and turning left. At the end of two rows he sees someone on the floor. It's Sirius and he hears Voldemort performing a Crucio on him and ordering him to take it for him.
  • Harry wakes up with his Scar on fire.
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