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Chapter 5-32 Out of the Fire

  • Professor Tofty wants to take Harry to the Hospital Wing. Harry says it's not necessary. Next he hurries to see Professor McGonagall but Madam Pomfrey tells Harry she's been transferred to St. Mungo's. Then he goes to find Hermione and Ron. Harry tells them Voldemort's got Sirius inside the Ministry. Hermione thinks it's rather fishy and wonders if Voldemort is trying to get Harry inside the Department of Mysteries.
  • Ginny and Luna walk in. They set up a way of distracting the Slytherins Inquisitorial Squad and Umbridge to sneak into her office to check if Sirius is at home. Harry goes to fetch Sirius's knife and the Invisibility cloak. On his way someone tells him that a end-exam celebration will be held and that Harold Dingle reckons he can sell them some Firewhisky but Harry hardly hears it.
  • Harry and Hermione enter Umbridge's office and using Floo Powder Harry enters with his head and goes through the Floo Network to Grimmauld Place. Only Kreacher is there who has nasty injuries to both hands, which are heavily bandaged. Kreacher walks away, saying he is going to chat with his mistress. Harry asks him if Sirius went to the Department of Mysteries and Kreacher answers that Master will not come back from the Department.
  • Next thing, Harry is caught by Umbridge. She had Stealth Sensoring Spells placed al around her doorway. Hermione is held tight by Millicent Bullstrode. Harry also notices Malfoy and outside Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville are held by several Slytherins, among them Crabbe and Warrington.
  • Umbridge sends Malfoy to get Professor Snape. When he arrives, Umbridge asks for another bottle of Veritaserum but Snape tells her he gave his last bottle to interrogate Harry. When Snape is sent away, Harry shouts out that 'He's got Padfoot at the place where it's hidden'. Snape answers that when he wants to hear nonsense he'll give him a Babbling Beverage.
  • Umbridge decides she'll use a Cruciatus Curse to make Harry talk. She mentions it was her who sent the Dementors after Harry last summer; adding what Fudge doesn't know doesn't hurt. The moment Umbridge wants to perform the curse Hermione intervenes and tells Umbridge they will tell her. Hermione lies, saying that Harry tried to talk to Dumbledore to tell him 'the weapon is ready'. Umbridge takes Harry and Hermione to be shown the weapon.
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