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Chapter 5-33 Fight and Flight

  • Hermione leading, she, Harry and Umbridge go out of the castle into the Forbidden Forest. They walk a long time.
  • Suddenly about fifty Centaurs appear. Magorian asks who Umbridge is and what they are doing in the forest. Umbridge offends the Centaurs and binds Magorian with a Incarcerous. Next thing all the Centaurs storm at Umbridge. Harry sees the red lightflash of a Stunning Spell, and then she is overpowered and taken away. Ronan says Harry and Hermione should not be harmed because they are foals, but other Centaurs don't agree.
  • At that moment Grawp appears and seems to be looking for Hagrid. He recognizes Hermione and keeps saying he wants Hagrid. When he makes a grab, the Centaurs shoot arrows at him. Harry and Hermione manage to get away.
  • Then Ginny, Luna, Ron and Neville appear. They had managed to escape from the Slytherin's Inquisitorial Squad. They used Stunning spells, a Disarming Charm. Neville used a Impediment Jinx and Ginny got Malfoy with a Bat-Bogy Hex.
  • Then they take some Thestrals to fly to the Ministry.
reviewed and edited by Judy Nathanson


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