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Chapter 5-34 The Department of Mysteries

  • Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Ron and Neville fly on the Thestrals and arrive at the Ministry to rescue Sirius.
  • The Ministry is completely empty. They pass the fountain in the Atrium and the desk where normally the watchwizard is, and enter the elevator to level nine, the Department of Mysteries. Next they go through a black door and down the corridor. Like in his dream they go through the door on the end of the corridor into a large circular completely black room.
  • Neville closes the door and for a moment they only see the bunches of shivering blue flames on the walls and their own reflections. The circular wall is rotating. The try one of the doors and enter a long rectangular room with an enormous tank of green liquid with pearly-white objects in it. Luna guesses they are Aquavirius Maggots, but Hermione says they are brains. Ron sees more doors in the room but Harry thinks it's wiser to go back and try another door in the circular room.
  • With a Flagrate Hermione marks the door before shutting it.
  • They try another door and enter a rectangular room (D*C*) with a great stone pit with stone benches all around the room like an amphitheater. On the bottom is a stone Archway hung with a black veil which is fluttering slightly. Harry hears faint whispering, murmuring noises coming from the other side of the veil. Luna hears them too. Hermione reminds Harry, who's transfixed on the archway, that they need to look for Sirius.
  • In the circular room they try a new door but it's locked. Hermione tries a Alohomora but the door won't open. Harry tries Sirius's knife but the door stays shut and the knife is melted. Luna says "You know what could be in there?" but Hermione answers that it's no doubt something blibbering. The wall spins and stops again.
  • Harry tries another door and he recognizes it as the right one. They enter a room with dancing diamond-sparkling light. There are clocks gleaming from every surface. The source of light is a towering crystal bell jar at the far end of the room. Inside the crystal they see a tiny jewel-bright egg which opens and a hummingbird emerges, flies up and regresses back, born back into the egg. They continue and Harry recognizes the door they need to go through.
  • When they enter they find the place, the church size Hall with shelves covered in small dusty glass orbs. Each orb has a yellowing label underneath it. Some have a weird glow, while others are dull and dark. They look for row ninety-seven and find it. At the end of the row there's no Sirius.
  • Ron shows Harry one of the orbs with Harry's name on it. The label reads:
    S.P.T. to A.P.W.B.D.
    Dark Lord
    and (?)Harry Potter
  • Hermione and Neville warn Harry not to touch it but he still takes the orb. Then they hear a voice telling Harry to turn around slowly and give it to him.
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