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Chapter 5-35 Beyond the Veil

  • In the Hall with the spheres Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Ron and Neville are eye to eye with Lucius Malfoy and a dozen Death Eaters. Malfoy is ordering Harry to give the Prophecy to him.
  • Among the Death Eaters is Bellatrix Lestrange who tries to get the Prophecy with a Accio but Harry manages to hold it using a Protego. Malfoy tells her to back off and Harry figures out they want the glass sphere unharmed.
  • Bellatrix threatens to hurt Ginny. Harry responds he'll smash the Prophecy first and then asks why Voldemort wants it. Bellatrix gets furious with Harry daring to speak Voldemorts name and tries to put a Stupefy on Harry but Malfoy deflects it. The spell hits a shelf and several orbs are shattered. They see two figures, white as ghosts, unfurl themselves and begin to speak. Some of what they hear is '... at the solstice will come a new ...' , which the figure of an old bearded man says and, '... and none will come after, ...'from the figure of a young woman. The figures then melt into thin air.
  • Harry has an idea and warns Hermione
  • Malfoy asks if Dumbledore never told Harry that the reason he bears his Scar is hidden in the bowels of the Department of Mysteries. Voldemort tried to lure him here so Harry could retrieve the Prophecy. Only those about whom Prophecies are made can retrieve them. The Prophecy is about Harry and Voldemort. It would not have been smart to get it himself since the Ministry conveniently has been ignoring his return. Apparently he failed trying to have Sturgis Podmore and Broderick Bode take it.
  • Next thing Harry calls for his friends and the five of them shout a Reducto to explode the shelves opposite to them. Hundreds of spheres burst apart.
  • They start to run. Ron, Ginny and Luna sprint past him, Harry is caught by the shoulder but Hermione uses a Stupefy to free him. They run again and get back into the room of the bell jar. Hermione shuts it with a Colloportus. Ron, Ginny and Luna went the wrong way. They hear Malfoy telling Nott to leave someone with injuries, and Jugson to come back because they need to organize. He tells Bellatrix and Rodolphus to take the left, Crabbe and Rabastan to the right, Jugson and Dolohov the door straight ahead, Macnair and Avery through some other way, Rookwood another, and Mulciber to go with him.
  • Harry, Hermione and Neville head towards the circular room. Someone uses a Alohomora to open the door that Hermione blocked and then two Death Eaters draw nearer.
  • Harry hits one of them in the legs with a Stupefy. The other is halfway through a Avada on Hermione when Harry topples him and they fall together to the ground. Neville casts a Expelliarmus in their direction and both Harry's and the Death Eaters wand flew out of their hands. Neville casts a Stupefy but misses the Death Eater, the spell hits a cabinet with hour-glasses. It falls apart on the ground, springs back up on the wall, fully mended, then falls down again and shatters.
  • Next before the Death Eater can do a Stupefy, Hermione hits him with the same spell. He falls to the ground and his head sinks through the surface of the bell jar. Hermione uses an Accio to give Harry back his wand. They see the Death Eaters head shrinking inside the bell jar until it's a baby's head and back to normal. And before he pulls himself together it shrinks to babyhood again.
  • They hear a crash and a scream and head towards the black hallway again. Two more Death Eaters come at them from that direction. They veer left into a small dark cluttered office and shut the door. Before Hermione can finish a Colloportus to lock the door the two Death Eaters burst in and both of them stop Harry, Hermione and Neville with a Impedimenta. One of the Death Eaters calls for the others but Hermione shuts him up with a Silencio. Harry freezes the other Death Eater with a Petrificus Totalus. The other hits Hermione wordlessly with a spell. A purple flame hits Hermione in the chest. She goes to the ground and lies motionless. Neville gets up but the dumb struck Death Eater kicks through Neville's Wand. It splits in two and into his face. The Death Eater takes off his mask and Harry sees it's Dolohov. When the baby-faced Death Eater comes in, Harry hits Dolohov with a Petrificus Totalus. Hermione is still alive. Neville takes Hermione's wand. His broken wand used to be his father's.
  • Harry checks the room with the sparkling lights again. He sees the shattering and repairing cabinet again and suspects it contained Time-Turners. They go into the circular room. Neville takes Hermione. The marks have faded from the doors. Before Harry chooses a new door, Ron, Ginny and Luna enter. Ron is giggling and Ginny's ankle is broken. They were chased by four Death Eaters in a room full of planets. When one of the Death Eaters grabbed Ginny's foot, Luna used a Reductor curse.
  • When they are about to enter a new door, three Death Eaters arrive, led by Bellatrix Lestrange. A Stunning Spell shoots around the room. They get through a door just in time and Harry shuts it with a Colloportus. They are back in the Brain Room. While they are busy locking the doors, five Death Eaters enter. Ron casts a Accio brain and one of the brains burst from the tank to Ron. Its tentacles wrap around Ron. Harry tries to get it off using a Diffindo but the tentacles don't break. A Death Eater stuns Ginny. Neville tries to stun them but with his broken nose he can't manage to say the stunning spell correct. A Death Eater tries to stun Neville but misses. More of silver lights like arrows are sent to Harry and Neville but miss.
  • Harry starts to run, trying to lure the Death Eaters away from the others. He goes into the room from where the Death Eaters had come. Harry falls down stone steps and lands down in the Archway room (D*C*). Harry sees the five Death Eaters from the Brain Room descend toward him, while many more emerge through other doorways. Harry climbs backward onto the dais of the archway. The Death Eaters halt and gaze at him. Dolohov is bleeding from the Body-Bind Curse. Neville catches up to help but is caught. Bellatrix performs a Crucio on Neville to make Harry hand over the Prophecy. Harry gives up and is about to hand it to Malfoy.
  • At that moment Kingsley, Tonks, Moody, Sirius and Lupin storm in, Tonks sending a Stunning Spell at Malfoy. The members of the Order rain spells down upon the Death Eaters.
  • Harry is grabbed by a Death Eater. Neville pokes Hermione's wand into the Death Eater's eye. Harry hits him with a Stupefy. His mask comes off, revealing that it is Macnair.
  • Harry sees Moody's eye on the ground, Moody is lying on his side and bleeding from the head. Moody's attacker, Dolohov, hits Neville with a Tarantallegra. He then tries the same spell he used on Hermione now on Harry, but Harry blocks with the Shield Charm Protego. Dolohov tries to get the Prophecy with an Accio but at the same moment Sirius rams Dolohov. Both then get into a Duel.
  • Harry freezes Dolohov with a Petrificus Totalus. A green light narrowly misses Sirius.
  • Harry wants to take Neville and get out but he's caught by Malfoy. Harry throws the Prophecy to Neville. Malfoy points his wand at Neville but Harry stops Malfoy with a Impedimenta.
  • Harry helps Neville up the steps to get out. Neville puts the Prophecy in a pocket. Neville's robe tears, the Prophecy falls out, one of Neville's floundering feet kicks it away and smashes it on the step beneath them. Harry sees a pearly white figure rise in the air. In all the noise of crashes and screams they can't hear a word of the prophecy.
  • Suddenly Dumbledore shows up. One of the Death Eaters tries to flee but Dumbledore simply pulls him back with a spell. Now only Sirius and Bellatrix are still battling. Sirius is hit with jet of light and he falls through the veil hanging from the arch. He seems to have just fallen through but did not reappear on the other side. Harry wants to go to the curtain to pull him back out but Lupin holds him back and says there's nothing Harry can do. It's too late, he's gone.
reviewed and edited by Judy Nathanson


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