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Chapter 5-4 Number Twelve - Grimmauld Place

  • As Grimmauld Place appears, the group enters through the front door with a door knocker in the shape of a twisted Serpent.
  • Moody lifts the Disillusion Charm.
  • The house is a bit spooky. Mrs. Weasley welcomes Harry. She tells the group which brought Harry that 'He's just arrived, the meeting's started'. Harry is not allowed to join the meeting which is only for members of the Order.
  • Mrs. Weasley joins the meeting after showing Harry to a door with a knob in the shape of a serpent. He enters and meets finally with Ron and Hermione.
  • They know what has happened to Harry in the last days. Harry is angry with them for not telling him any news. They explain to him that Dumbledore would not let them. Harry bursts out in fury and rages on, showing all his frustrations from the last years.
  • When Harry calms down Ron tells him that the house is the headquarters of the Order, a secret society for all people who fought against You-Know-Who last time. They don't know if there's any news about Voldemort. They are not allowed to meetings, although they managed to find out some information with the Extendable Ears which Fred and George invented. Some of the Order members have been working on recruiting more people, and others are standing guard over something. Harry says the last one must have been him.
  • Fred and George appear by Apparating. Next Ginny comes in and tells them that the Extendable Ears are not doing the trick. There's an Imperturbable Charm on the kitchen door. Tonks told her how to find out. She's been testing by flicking Dungbombs at it.
  • Fred tell them that it is Snape who is giving the Order a report. Ginny says that Bill also doesn't like Snape. Bill has returned from Egypt and he's meeting a lot with Fleur Delacour who has found a job at Gringotts. Charlie is in the Order too, but he's still in Romania making contact with foreign wizards for the Order.
  • Percy turns out to have cut off all ties with his family. He had been promoted at the Ministry, even though he failed to see that there was something wrong with Crouch. He's been made Junior Assistant to the Minister, Fudge.
  • Fudge has been trying to put down Dumbledore and the Order and deny any news about Voldemorts' return. It turns out the Daily Prophet also has been portraying Harry as an attention-seeking liar. It wasn't Skeeter, as she doesn't work there anymore. Hermione thinks Fudge is behind it.
  • The meeting is over. Mrs. Weasley asks who threw the Dungbombs. She thought it might have been Kreacher, the House-elf.
  • They go to the hall. Tonks bumps into an umbrella stand and they hear a horrible screech. It comes from a person in a painting, and Sirius tells Harry the person screaming in the photo is his (Sirius') mother.
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