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Chapter 6-11 Hermione's Helping Hand

  • Non-verbal spells are now expected in several classes. Hermione suggests they should visit Hagrid but Ron says they have Quidditch tryouts and he needs to practice the Aguamenti charm. Harry receives a new copy of Advanced Potion-Making from Flourish and Blotts, but decides to swap the covers with a ¤ Diffindo and a ¤ Reparo so he can keep the old copy with a new cover.
  • The Daily Prophet says Stanley Shunpike has been arrested on suspicion of Death Eater activity. The three think that he was only trying to appear more knowledgeable then he really is and by that actually innocent. Hermione mentions that people are afraid, the Patil twins' parents want them to go home and Eloise Midgeon has already been withdrawn.
  • Dumbledore seems absent for the last week. Hanna Abbott's mother has been found that, Hannah was notified and absent since.
  • Lavender smiles at Ron when they go to Quidditch tryouts. Cormac McLaggen is present for Keeper tryout. There are a huge number of people doing tryouts, most do bad. Between a group of giggling girls is Romilda Vane. There are even students from the other Houses wanting to do the tryout, which Harry sends away. Harry chooses three Chasers: Katie Bell, Demelza Robins and Ginny. As Beaters he chooses Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote. Finally at Keeper tryout McLaggen saves four penalties out of five, the last one he completely shoots off in the wrong direction. Finally Ron does the tryout saving five penalties and becomes the new Keeper.
  • When Ron later comments on McLaggen's last penalty and shooting of in the wrong direction like he'd been Confunded, Hermione turns pink.
  • They go off to see Hagrid. Buckbeak is tethered in front of his cabin. Hagrid is sad and grumpy, probably because neither of the three continue Hagrid's classes. They tell him that they would wanted to carry on but could not fit it in the timetables. Hagrid finally starts crying and tells them Aragog is dying.
  • Getting back to the castle McLaggen bounces on the door and Hermione admits to Harry she Confunded Mclaggen. Slughorn invites Harry and Hermione to a meeting that evening, including Zabini and Melinda Bobbin, but Harry has detention with Snape so can't go. Ron is grumpy that he was not invited. The Daily Prophet tells that Mr Weasley an the ministry raided the Malfoys' house but found nothing. Harry thinks that Draco must have brought whatever he was trying to get at Borgins' to Hogwarts. Hermione says that's not possible since Filch uses Secrecy Sensors when they arrived at Hogwarts. Owls are also checked. Demelza brings Harry a message from Snape stating he still needs to go to detention at night, even though Slughorn asked to postpone.
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