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Chapter 6-13 The Secret Riddle

  • Harry has another private meeting with Dumbledore. Dumbledore tells Harry that Katie was lucky she only brushed the necklace and that Snape managed to prevent rapid spread of the curse. Katie is in St Mungo's now. They also rapidly talk about Mundungus and Draco.
  • They will see more about Voldemort's history, one memory from Caractacus Burke. They use the Pensieve to enter the memory. Burke tells how Merope sold him her gold locket. Although she could do magic, Dumbledore thinks that when her husband left her, she stopped using magic. Merope refused to raise her wand even to save her own life.
  • Next they enter one of Dumbledore's memories. A younger Dumbledore goes to an orphanage and meets with a Mrs Cole. Mrs Cole tells one of the staff members to tend to Billy Stubbs and Eric Whalley. Dumbledore is there to see Tom Riddle. Years ago Riddle's mother gave birth right there and died an hour later. Mrs Cole says Tom is odd, he scares the other children. There have been incidents, nasty things... but it's hard to catch Tom as the culprit. One day Tom and Billy argued and the next day Billy's rabbit hung dead from the rafters, and one day after they were coming back from a trip, Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop were never quit right afterwards. The only thing they told was that they went exploring some cave with Tom, but something happened in there.
  • Mrs Cole leads Dumbledore to Tom. Tom Riddle is suspicious and unmannered when Dumbledore tells him he is invited as a student to Hogwarts. He gets excited hearing what he can do is magic, moving objects, commanding animals and make people hurt. Dumbledore shows Tom magic by putting Tom's wardrobe in flames and stopping it leaving it undamaged. He then indicates Tom to take out a small cardboard box which is shaking and rattling on the topmost shelf. In it are objects Tom stole from people and Dumbledore tells him to return them and give apologies. Tom also baldly asks for money to buy school requirements and receives some from Dumbledore without thanking him. He refuses Dumbledore's offer of helping him get his stuff in Diagon Alley. Dumbledore then says he should find the Leaky Cauldron and ask for Tom the bartender. Tom seems not to like it that many people have his name too and asks if his father was a wizard too. Dumbeldore tells him he does not know. Before leaving Tom, telling Dumbledore that he can talk to snakes, asks if it is normal for wizards.
  • Harry and Dumbledore return from the memory. Dumbledore once more emphasizes Tom being a Parselmouth, his instincts for cruelty, secrecy and domination, and his contempt for anything that makes him ordinary. Tom was already highly self-sufficient, secretive and friendless. Voldemort too never had friends nor ever wanted one. And finally Dumbledore points once more on Tom's liking for collected trophies, stolen from victims.
  • Harry notices the golden ring is gone from Dumbledore's table.
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