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Chapter 6-14 Felix Felicis

  • During Herbology Harry, Ron and Hermione work on gnarled Snargaluffs. Hermione tells Harry there will be a private Slug Club Chrismas party, and no way he can wriggle out of that one. Ron is annoyed, because he can't go, but when Hermione tells him they can bring dates and she was thinking of taking him, Ron calms down. Harry is uncomfortably watching and breaks a bowl, he uses ¤ Reparo to fix it, and Hermione dives flustered into her copy of Flesh-Eating Trees of the World.
  • Katie Bell is still at Mungo's so they need a new Chaser and he asks Dean Thomas who happily accepts.
  • Dean turns out a good choice during practicing, only Ron is inconsistent due to nerves and lack of confidence. Ron gets desperate and puches Demelza. Harry heals Demelza with an ¤ Episkey.
  • On their way back to the castle they see Ginny kissing Dean and Ron gets into an argument with her. This leaves Ron depressed and agitated, his Quidditch play is awfull.
  • Harry has a plan to make Ron play better at the Quidditch match agains Slytherin. Hermione noticed Harry fumbling with Ron's juice and warns Ron not to drink it, but he does so anyway. Harry denies tipping something in Ron's drink.
  • Weather conditions are ideal for Quidditch, and Slitherin Chaser Vaisey can't play, Malfoy is off sick too, they are playing Harper instead. Zacharias Smith is doing the comments. Also playing for Slytherin is Urquhart. Harry catches the Snitch and Gryffindor wins.
  • Hermione tells Harry he shouldn't have slipped Ron Felix Felicis, and Harry explains her he didn't. He explains he only made Ron think he did it to increase Ron's confidence. Ron and Hermione are both angry.
  • Ron hooks up with Lavender during the Quidditch victory celebration. Harry follows Hermione who seems upset to an empty classroom. Ron and Lavender enter and Hermione cast a ¤ Oppugno on Ron.
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