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Chapter 6-15 The Unbreakable Vow

  • Ron and Hermione are not speaking to each other. Harry is reading in Quintessence: A Quest. He talks with Hermione, who is avoiding Ron, in the Library, while making notes on Everlasting Elixers. Hermione tells Harry he needs to be careful since a lot of girls, including Romilda Vane are discussing how to slip Harry a Love Potion. Even though Filch banned everything from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, Hermione explains that Fred and George can send love potions disguised as perfumes and cough potions by Owl Order Service. Harry and Hermione hear someone behind the bookshelves. Madam Pince complaints about the scribbles in Harry's Advanced Potion-Making.
  • Back in the common room Romilda offers harry a Gillywater but he refuses and she gives him a box of Chocolate Cauldrons with Firewhiskey.
  • Ron makes fun of Hermione and on the verge of tears she leaves the classroom. Harry follows her. Hermione is comforted by Luna. Harry on impulse asks Luna to come to Slughorn's christmas party with him. Just as friends. This way he won't need to worry about being slipped a love potion so much anymore. Peeves overhears and flies off shouting Harry invited Luna.
  • While talking to Parvati while Ron is kissing Lavender, Hermione arrives and mentions she will go to the party with Cormac McLaggen.
  • In the evening Harry goes to the Christmas party in Slughorn's office. Harry heard some vampire would be coming. Luna asks if it is Rufus Scrimgeour.
  • The room is full of people. Slughorn introduces Harry to Eldred Worple, author of Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst the Vampires, and his friend Sanguini. Also at the party are members of Weird Sisters. Hermione seems to keep fleeing from Cormac. She tells that she choose him because he would annoy Ron most.
  • Next they run into Professor Trelawney. Slughorn joins the conversation and boosts about Harry's natural gift for Potions. He says it must be instinctive like Harry's mother. Few students of his had this ability. Snape is pulled into the conversation by Slughorn. Harry confirms he wants to become an Auror, Luna claims them to be part of the Rotfang Conspiracy.
  • Suddenly Draco is being dragged in by Filch. Filch found Draco in an upstairs corridor. Draco confesses he wasn't invited but trying to gatecrash. Slughorn wavers any punishment and says Draco may stay. Filch looks unhappy, but Draco does too.
  • Snape wants a word with Draco. Harry follows them using his Invisibility Cloak. He overhears their conversation in an empty classroom. Snape is warning Draco, he is already suspected of having a hand in something. He claims he didn't do it, Bell must have had an enemy no one knows about. Next apparently Snape tries some Legilimency but quickly stops and assumes out Aunt Bellatrix has been teaching Draco Occlumency. Snape is angry Draco did not appear at his calls to his office and Draco bites back saying to put him in detention report him to Dumbledore. Snape wants to do neither of those. He says he swore to protect Draco, he made the Unbreakable Vow. Draco says it looks like Snape will have to break it then, he doesn't need any protection. It's his job, he gave it to him and he's going to do it. He's got a plan but it's just taking a bit longer than he expected. Snape asks what the plan is but Draco doesn't want to tell anything. He also tells Draco he should have lookouts. Draco says then Snape should not have given Crabbe and Goyle detention. Draco also claims he has other people on his side, better people, but he does not want to tell more to Snape, afraid that Snape is wanting to steal Draco's glory.
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