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Chapter 6-18 Birthday Surprises

  • Hermione never heard about Horcruxes. In Potions Slughorn teaches about Golpalott's Third Law and Scarpin's Revelaspell. They need to identify the poison with ¤ Specialis revelio and create an antidote, Harry's "Advanced Potion-Making" is no use in this case since the Prince did not make any annotations in the Antidotes chapter.
  • Browsing more through the book, Harry sees a scribble saying 'just shove a Bezoar down their throats'. In a desperate attempt, his antidote is not progressing, Harry hurries down to the store cupboard and takes out a Bezoar.
  • Time is up, Harry hands Slughorn the Bezoar instead of his potion. Slughorn is surprised, but amused by Harry's action. A Bezoar would definitely act as antidote to all these potions.
  • At the end of class Harry stays behind to ask Slughorn about Horcruxes. Slughorn asks if Dumbledore put Harry up to it, gets irritated and leaves.
  • Slughorn gives no more meetings, it seems he wants to prevent Harry having opportunity to insist and ask about Horcruxes again. Hermione couldn't find anything in the Library about Horcruxes, besides one small reference in Magick Moste Evile which says "the Horcrux, wickedest of magical inventions, we shall not speak nor give direction."
  • First Apparition lesson starts, given by Wilkie Twycross, Ministry Apparition Instructor. The Great Hall has temporarily lifted the anti-apparition enchantment. Harry moves to get closer to Draco and overhears him talking to Crabbe. Draco says it's none of Crabbe and Goyle's business what Draco is doing, they just need to keep a lookout.
  • At the fourth apparation attempt Susan Bones gets splinched and the Heads of Houses converge on her and fix her.
  • Harry gets his Invisibility Cloak, the Marauder's Map and starts tracking where Draco goes around the castle in the weeks following.
  • It's Ron's birthday he unwraps his presents. He offers Harry a Chocolate Cauldron, Harry refuses. Ron behaves strange. He says he can't stop thinking about Romilda Vane, he loves her. Ron gets angry with Harry for making fun of Romilda, Harry needs to use a ¤ Levicorpus to stop Ron from hitting him further. Harry figures the Chocolate Cauldrons Ron ate were actually his, given to him by Romilda, they must be containing a Love Potion.
  • Harry takes Ron to Slughorn, Ron completely ignores Lavender on his way. Slughorn brews an antidote and Ron takes it. Slughorn offers Ron some oak-matured mead, he had meant to give it to Dumbledore for Christmas, to celebrate Ron's birthday. Ron takes a swallow and crumples, jerking uncontrollably, foaming and eyes bulging. Harry sprints towards Slughorn's open potion kit, takes out the Bezoar and thrusts it into Ron's mouth. Ron's body goes limp and still.
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