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Chapter 6-20 Lord Voldemort's Request

  • Harry and Ron may leave the hospital wing. On their way they a small girl drops her scale in fright and Hermione fixes it with a ¤ Reparo. Hermione tells that Ginny had a quarrel with Dean. They meet Luna and Ron says he liked her Quidditch comments. Luna gives Harry a scroll from Dumbledore, his next private meeting is that evening. Luna is also holding a Gurdyroot, she says it is excellent for warding of Gulping Plimpies.
  • Ron does not seem much pleased anymore dating Lavender.
  • Harry goes to his meeting with Dumbledore. While Harry enters, Sybill Trelawney just leaves. The Pensieve is already on his desk. Harry is asked if he already managed to get Slughorn's memory but he hasn't, to Dumbledore's disappointment.
  • The first memory they will watch is of a House-elf named Hokey. Tom Riddle by then was one of the most promising students to leave Hogwarts, he refused all offers, including the Ministry's, and started working at Borgin and Burkes. It was not his first choice, his first choice was Voldemort asking the Headmaster at that time Professor Dippet for a teachers job at Hogwarts. Dumbledore thinks that first because he was at his happiest at Hogwarts, secondly because the castle is a stronghold of ancient magic, Voldemort penetrated many of its secrets and possibly felt that there were still mysteries to unravel, stores of magic to tap, and thirdly because of the potential power and influence as a teacher over young witches and wizards. Dippet told him he was still too young and wait some years. Voldemort wanted the subject Defense Against the Dark Arts, at that time being taught by Professor Galatea Merrythought. At Borgin and Burkes Voldemort had the job of persuading people to sell unusual and powerful treasures to the store.
  • Hokey worked for a rich witch named Hepzibah Smith. Entering the Pensieve they see Hepzibah welcoming Voldemort into her house which is full of valuable objects. Hepzibah shows Voldemort two prize possessions, one is a cup which was Helga Hufflepuff's. Hepzibah is distantly descended from her. The badger is supposed to possess all sorts of power. The other she shows him is a gold locket which was Salazar Slytherin's, also all kinds of powers attributed to it. At both moments Voldemort saw the objects a red gleam glows in Voldemort's eyes. Harry and Dumbledore leave the memory.
  • Hepzibah died two days after the event, Hokey convicted of poisoning her. By the time that her family realized the missing artifacts, Voldemort had already left Borgin and Burkes.
  • The second memory is ten years later, a memory of Dumbledore. They dive in the memory and arrive in Dumbledore's office, Fawkes is also present. A younger Dumbledore is waiting for someone. Voldemort enters, his features burned and blurred. Dumbledore still calls him Tom. Voldemort once again requests a teachers position. Voldemort says he has seen and done much since he left Hogwarts, and can teach students a lot. He has pushed the boundaries of magic further then anyone ever has. Dumbledore reminds him only of some magic, Voldemort still does not consider love more powerful than his kind of magic. Voldemort would leave his 'friends', known as Death Eaters, to teach at Hogwarts. Dumbledore asks why Voldemort 'really' wants to return to Hogwarts, he does not believe it is really to teach. Voldemort does not say anything. Dumbledore does not want to give him a job and Voldemort leaves.
  • Harry and Dumbledore leave the memory. Dumbledore says he has ideas what Voldemort really wanted but will tell after Harry gets Slughorn's memory.
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