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Chapter 6-28 Flight of the Prince

  • Snape runs off with Draco and Amycus, Alecto, Greyback and the fourth Death Eater follow. Harry realizes he can move again, he casts a ¤ Petrificus Totalus at the last Death Eater is leaving through the door and he goes rigid. Harry goes down the spiral staircase. The corridor is full of dust and dark, he hears voices. He sees Snape fleeing and goes after him.
  • Greyback is grabbing Harry but Harry immobilizes him with a ¤ Petrificus Totalus. Harry sees two bodies on the floor. Ginny is in combat with Amycus, who is casting ¤ Crucio's at her. Harry stops him with a ¤ Impedimenta. McGonagall and Lupin are each battling a Death Eater. Tonks is fighting an enormous blond wizard. Neville is on the floor clutching his stomach but alright.
  • The Death Eaters are fleeing towards the front doors, Harry follows. They throw jinxes at him but miss all. Through a concealed staircase, Harry passes Ernie Macmillan and a number of other Hufflepuffs. Through the Entrance Hall Harry goes outside, seeing three figures heading for the gates. He sees flashes of light in the distance. Hagrid has appeared from his cabin, trying to stop the Death Eaters.
  • Something catches him in the back and Harry falls, blood pouring out of his nose. Amycus and Alecto had overtaken him. Harry uses ¤ Impedimenta and hits one of them, tripping the other.
  • He sees the blond Death Eater hitting Hagrid with curse after curse. Snape and Draco are still running. He aims at Snape and yells ¤ Stupefy but misses. Snape tells Draco to run. Harry is halfway through ¤ Crucio but Snape parries it, knocking Harry off his feet. He hears the blond Death Eater use ¤ Incendio on Hagrid's cabin where Fang is. Harry tries another ¤ Crucio at Snape but Snape blocks it easily. Snape says no Unforgivable Curses for Harry, he does not have the nerves or ability. Snape also blocks Harry's ¤ Incarcerous and ¤ Stupefy and ¤ Impedimenta with almost no effort. Snape calls the blond Death Eater to leave. The Death Eater starts a Cruciatus Curse on Harry, but Snape tells him to stop, orders are that Harry belongs to the Dark Lord, they are to leave him. Harry gets up and tries to hit Snape with ¤ Sectumsempra and ¤ Levicorpus but Snape, full of rage, blocks them effortlessly. Harry is blasted backwards, hits the ground and loses his wand. Snape approaches and looks down on him, full of hatred. Snape says how dare Harry use his own spells on him. It was he who invented them. He is the Half-Blood Prince. Harry calls Snape a coward. Snape screams, his face demented and inhuman, not to call him a coward. Snape slashes in the air with his wand and a whiplike something hits Harry in the face.
  • Buckbeak arrives and chases Snape away. Snape and the others have already Disapparated.
  • Harry sees Hagrid rescued Fang from the burning Cabin. Harry suggests they should put the fire out with ¤ Aguamenti and they do. Hagrid says Dumbledore will fix it. Harry has to tell Hagrid Dumbledore is dead. Hagrid does not believe Harry could have seen Snape kill Dumbledore and they go back to the castle to find him.
  • Harry and Hagrid go overt to the foot of the tallest tower, people are moving towards it. When they approach and Hagrid realizes the truth, Harry had known there had been no hope since he knows the Body-Bind Curse was lifted when Dumbledore was hit. Harry wipes a trickle of blood from Dumbledore's mouth, his eyes are closed.
  • After some time he realizes he is kneeling upon something hard. He finds the locket* from the cave. It has opened. Harry feels there is something wrong. He realizes it is neither as large as the one he saw in the Pensieve, nor with any markings. There is nothing inside but a scrap of parchment. He opens it and reads it, the parchment says

    To the Dark Lord
    I know I will be dead long before you read this
    but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret.
    I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can
    I face death in the hope that when you meet your match,
    you will be mortal once more.

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