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Chapter 6-29 The Phoenix Lament

  • Hagrid says Harry should go inside, Ginny finally takes him back to into the castle. McGonagall has called everyone to the Hospital wing. Nobody was killed, it was Bill who Harry had felt unconscious on the floor. Greyback attacked Bill, Madam Pomfrey healed him partly, he won't become a werewolf but won't be the same. Flitwick was knocked out but is okay. One of the Death Eaters is dead, hit by a Killing Curse the blond one was firing off everywhere. They took Harry's Felix Felicis, otherwise they might all have been killed.
  • In the Hospital wing Harry meets with the others, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Tonks, Lupin and Neville. Bill looks grotesque, there is no cure against werewolf bites. They tell them Dumbledore is dead, Snape killed him. He tells them what happened. Suddenly they hear a Phoenix singing.
  • McGonagall enters, telling them Molly and Arthur are on their way. Harry tells her too about Dumbledore and Snape, and she sits down hardly believing it. McGonagall says Dumbledore always hinted he had an iron-clad reason for trusting Snape, Snape's repentance was absolutely genuine.
  • McGonagall thinks it is her fault, she sent Flitwick to fetch Snape. Dumbledore had sent members of the Order to patrol that evening. Harry explains the Death Eaters used the Vanishing Cabinet. Ron and Ginny tell Harry that they saw Malfoy coming out of the Room of Requirement on the Marauder's Map. Malfoy was using a Hand of Glory and Instant Darkness Powder to keep everything dark, not even ¤ Lumos or ¤ Incendio would penetrate the darkness. When the powder ran out, fight broke out. On of them, Gibbon, headed up the Tower stairs, he must have set off the Mark. He must not have liked the idea of waiting alone for Dumbledore, because later he came back running downstairs to join the fight, he was the one hit by a Killing Curse.
  • Hermione and Luna had been waiting outside Snape's office. Nearly midnight Flitwick came sprinting down in the dungeons, shouting about Death Eaters. He burst into Snape's office. When Snape came out he saw Hermione and Luna and told them Flitwick had collapsed and they should go take care of Flitwick while he would go to fight the Death Eaters. Snape must have Stupified Flitwick.
  • Tonks says that when Snape got upstairs, they were losing. Snape was there one moment and gone another. Snape ran through the cursed barrier as though it wasn't there.
  • Later Snape came down with Draco and they let them pass through, not knowing what had happened upstairs.
  • Mr and Mrs Weasley enter with Fleur. Since Greyback was not transformed while attacking Bill, Bill won't turn into a werewolf but there probably be some contamination, hard to predict. Fleur still loves Bill, even looking horrific. Mrs Weasley and Fleur make peace with each other, saying she can use Great Auntie Muriel's tiara at the wedding.
  • Tonks then bursts out Fleur also does not care about Bill being bitten by a werewolf. She turns out to have fallen in love with Lupin.
  • Hagrid arrives, shaking with tears. He says he moved Dumbledore's body and the Ministry has been informed. McGonagall instructs Hagrid to call all the Head of Houses to her office, Slughorn can represent Slytherin. She then calls Harry with her.
  • They go to Dumbledore's office, which will be hers now she is Headmistress. The office is still the same. There is a new portrait on the wall, Dumbledore in it. After glancing at it McGonagall makes an odd movement as though steeling herself, then addressing Harry asking Harry, calling him by his surname"Potter" now, what he and Dumbledore were doing that night. Harry can't tell her that, he was instructed not to tell anybody besides Ron and Hermione. He only tells her Rosmerta is under the Imperius Curse.
  • The four Heads of Houses arrive. The wizard Everard in one of the portraits lets them know the Minister is arriving. Before that, McGonnagal tells the Heads she does not know if Hogwarts should open next year. The Heads think it should, McGonagall will leave it to the governors to decide. Because Dumbledore wished it, he will be buried at Hogwarts. The Minister is coming, Harry is allowed to go. Harry goes back to the common room which is full and directly to the dormitory. Harry tells Ron someone already took the Horcrux, showing him the fake one and the note it contains.
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