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Chapter 6-3 Will and Won't

  • Harry is at the Dursleys, newspapers lie on his desk with articles about the event at the Ministry, about Scrimgeour who was Head of the Auror Office has become new Minister of Magic and about heightened protection of Hogwarts. Harry is being referred to as the "Chosen One". On the floor a leaflet from the Ministry about protecting home and family, including a rumor that the Death Eaters may be using Inferi.
  • Dumbledore sent a letter telling Harry he can go to The Burrow and arrives at their house. Uncle Vernon lets him in and they are joined by Petunia and Dudley. One of Dumbledore's hands is blackened and shriveled.
  • He tells Harry that Sirius's will was discovered and leaving Harry all his possessions, including Grimmauld Place. Harry does not want it but to prevent and to verify that Sirius's cousin Bellatrix does or has not inherited due to a possible pure-blood only enchantment they will do a test to verify.
  • Kreacher is summoned and when ordered by Harry to shut up Kreacher stays quit, meaning Harry has owned everything and is Kreacher's master now. Harry orders Kreacher to help in the kitchens in Hogwarts. Buckbeak, now called Witherwings, can stay with Hagrid.
  • Harry puts his stuff in his trunk, including his Invisibility Cloak and some Colour-Change Ink and Hedwig. Before they leave Dumbledore asks the Dursleys to allow Harry to return until he turns seventeen, then also the protective magic he evoked fifteen years ago will cease.
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