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Chapter 6-7 The Slug Club

  • Harry, Ron and Hermione talk about Draco while Hermione reads Advanced Rune Translation. Harry thinks Draco has become a Death Eater, he figures when Draco showed Madam Malfoy his arm it was to show the Dark Mark.
  • They all go in Ministry cars to King's Cross where Aurors are present for safety. Ginny takes her new Pygmy Puff Arnold. Ron and Hermione go into the prefect carriage. Harry has a quick word with Mr Weasley telling him about when he saw Draco in Borgin and Burkes.
  • On the Hogwarts Express Harry meets again with Neville and Luna. Luna is holding a copy of the Quibbler containing a pair of free Spectrespecs and they share a carriage.
  • A fourth-year girl, Romilda Vane, invites Harry to join their carriage but Harry declines. Harry drifts of in thoughts and Luna jokes asking Harry if a Wrackspurt got him. Later they are joined by Ron and Hermione. Harry and Neville receive an invitation to join Professor Slughorn in his compartment.
  • Arriving at the compartment, they find out several other students have been invited. Among them are Blaise Zabini, Cormac McLaggen, Marcus Belby and Ginny. Slughorn mentions he has taught Damocles Belby, who received an Order of Merlin in the past, he is the inventor of the Wolfsbane Potion. Belby chokes on his food and Slughorn casts a ¤ Anapneo to clear his airway. Slughorn also taught Tibirius McLaggan, Cormac's uncle with whom Cormac once went hunting Nogtails with Bertie Higgs and Rufus Scrimgeour. Slughorn tries to get more from Harry Ginny and Neville about the Prophecy then what everybody knows from the Prophet. The rest of the afternoon he continues about his 'Slug Club'.
  • Harry decides to follow Zabini into the compartment of Draco, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy Parkinson using his Invisibility Cloak. He hides in the luggage rack. Harry listens in on their conversation. Draco seems offended Slughorn did not invite him, Zabini mentions that Slughorn did inquire about Nott with whose father he used to be old friends. Draco says he might not even be at Hogwarts next year, he "might have moved on to bigger and better things", and indicates Voldemort has a "job for him to do". When they arrive at Hogwarts, Draco, who is last to leave the compartment, turns out to have notice Harry and paralyses Harry with a ¤ Petrificus Totalus. He kicks harry in the face giving him a nose bleed and throws the Invisibility Cloak over him so nobody will see or find him
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