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Chapter 6-8 Snape Victorious

  • Harry lies paralyzed in the Hogwarts Express. He tries to summon his wand with a ¤ Accio but it doesn't work, and is finally found by Tonks. She heals his nose with an ¤ Episkey. She summons her Patronus to send word that she found Harry and she walks Harry to the Hogwarts gates. She tells Harry that she is stationed at Hogsmeade together with Proudfoot, Savage and Dawlish. Tonks still seems depressed, much more serious and purposeful.
  • Arriving at the gates, Harry tries to open them with a ¤ Alohomora but that won't work. Harry suggests to climb a wall but Tonks says they have Anti-intruder jinxes on them. Then Snape is arriving to fetch him. He mentions to Tonks that he prefers her old Patronus, the new one looks weak.
  • Harry joins the welcome feast, Hermione cleans his blood covered face with a ¤ Tergeo. Harry missed the Sorting.
  • Dumbledore makes his speech and everybody whispers seeing his one blackened hand. He announces that Professor Slughorn will be giving Potions this year and Snape Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • Harry tells Ron about what he overheard Draco saying on the train. Hagrid says that Grawp is making progress. He still is expecting the three will be continuing Care of Magical Creates but they all dropped it.
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