Marauder's gang in Slytherin, Harry not the descendant!

I can't believe people haven't thought about this, but it seems pretty obvious. Doesn't it?

We all realize that Harry's father James was in Slytherin right? OK, now your probably wondering, how in the world I've gotten to that conclusion, because we really don't know much about either of Harry's parents, but we now have just enough info about Sirius to pull it off.

"All wizards which went bad were in Slytherin."

If this is true than Sirius Black was in Slytherin. When Hagrid said the above quote, he still though that Sirius was a dark wizard, so Sirius must have been in Slytherin.Your probably thinking I've gone bonkers, but I have some proof, thanks to the 5th book:

When Harry stayed at Sirius house, he saw his family tree and he's related to the Malfoys,Lestrange's and his brother who was also a death eater!

On page 495 in OOTP, Phineas Nigellus(Sirius' great-great grandfather) said to Harry, "We Slytherins...". Obliviously, Sirius comes from a long line of Slytherins. From all the relatives that we know of, it looks like they're all in Slytherin. Tonks might be an exception,but she has a muggle dad, so that's different.

Now, just because Sirius comes from a long line of Slytherins, doesn't mean that he necessarily has to be in Slytherin, but it seems to me that you basically come from the line of your parents.

Sirius said that his picture was taken off the wall when he was 16, because he ran away from home, making him a disgrace to the family. I would think, that if you came from a family of all Slytherins, you would be a disgrace if you were in any house BUT Slytherin.

Now, what does this have to do with James? Well, that's what I'm about to show you!

Sirius Black is James Potter's best friend. I would think that best friends which are always together would be in the same house. I mean, most people wouldn't have best friends in a different house, because they wouldn't see each other very often. If they were always together they would probably be in the same classes. In order to be in all the same classes they must be in the same house.

Therefore, if Sirius was in Slytherin so must have James. James Potter was in Slytherin.

Therefore Harry can't be related to Gryffindor because his mom was muggle born. I should hope that if his father had Gryffindor blood, he would be in Gryffindor. Following this theory, Lupin and Pettigrew would have been in Slytherin. Pettigrew is definitely a Slytherin, being a deatheater and all, which gives you more proof.

By Katherine Cochran

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