Luna Lovegood

In Order of the Phoenix, a (in my opinion at least) great and interesting character was introduced: Luna Lovegood. A year below Harry, Ravenclaw, quirky and seen as loony by most. But is there more to Luna than meets the eye? What role will she play in Harry's final two years at Hogwarts? Here are my thoughts on Luna, including possible romances...

Some people seem to think that Luna has already served her purpose in this one book. That the only reason she was introduced was because of her connection to the Quibbler and thus was Harry's one chance to get his story out to the public. Now that that's done, Luna has no other reason to be there, right?

Those who believe Luna's not going to be around much in Books 6 and 7 overlook one very glaring, obvious fact: Luna was one of the six who went with Harry and company to the Department of Mysteries. Another character could have served this purpose easily, or there could have been five in the group instead of six, but Luna was there the whole time. She helped Ginny keep people away from Umbridge's office and thus was captured by the Inquisitorial Squad along with Ginny, Ron, and Neville. This if nothing else shows her loyalty to Harry's cause, because she was with Ginny when they cooked up the plan to talk to Sirius, and readily went along with it: she didn't back down or walk off. Then, while everybody else was panicking and starting to fight amongst one another in the forest, Luna came up with the idea of using the thestrals to fly to London, and was adamant about going along with the group. She then assisted Ron, Hermione, and Ginny onto their mounts. She stuck with the group the whole way until she was taken down by the Death Eaters, then afterwards was present to see Ron and Hermione when they were stuck in the hospital wing. After all that that group of six went through, the main trio is certainly not going to just dismiss Neville, Luna, and Ginny. Luna will certainly be a good friend to Harry in the last two years at Hogwarts. If Luna wasn't going to be important, would she have been given such a major role in this book after never having been seen before?

Now for possible romances/ships involving Luna. Some people think she's going to end up with Ron, but in all honesty I don't see it happening. Luna doesn't show any signs of being interested in Ron except for staring at him- but she stares at EVERYBODY at one point or another. She does call him by his full name, Ronald, at one point, but that doesn't really mean anything- in fact, Luna was heard to sing "Weasley Is Our King" under her breath, a song that was written for the sole purpose of making Ron feel like crap. Besides, Goddess J.K. has more or less said that Ron/Hermione is the way to ship, so I don't think Ron/Luna has much merit. However... and I'm fully expecting to get angry Howlers from Harry/Hermione and Harry/Ginny fans from this... I think there's a possibility that Luna will end up with Harry. Why is this? Let's examine two things I think support this possibility...

First, IF (this is a big IF) Harry/Luna were to happen, they would have more of a chance of staying together than Harry and Cho ever did. Harry fell in love with Cho for her looks rather than her personality, and in my opinion that made their relationship doomed from the start. Harry was very smitten with Cho but knew nothing of her personality, and when they finally DID go out they found out they had nothing to talk about. Even if Cedric's death hadn't been hanging over both their heads, they didn't have much in common. On the other hand, Harry knows Luna more as a person and thus his relationship with her would be much more personal, rather than attraction on a superficial level. If Cho was meant to end up with Harry, we, the readers, would know more about her besides: she's pretty, a Ravenclaw, and plays Quidditch, and her character would have been fleshed out more. On the other hand, we know a bit more about Luna's personality and background, so if she ends up with Harry we at least know about her as a character.

Secondly, at the end of the fifth book, there was some very interesting chemistry at work. Harry and Luna met up in the hallway while the end-of-term feast was going on... and even through all of his grief about Sirius, Harry is able to feel pity for her over something as simple as her losing her things. He then remembers that she, too, can see thestrals... and finds out that he doesn't mind it when she mentions Sirius. He then seems to feel a bit better when he watches her walk away. This is the second reason why I think a relationship between Harry and Luna COULD work, if it DOES happen- if Harry has somebody to confide his thoughts in, and someone to whom he is comfortable grieving about Sirius... someone who knows how he feels, as Luna's lost a parent herself... he may just have found his perfect match. He couldn't even bring himself to talk about Sirius with Ron and Hermione, his best friends and probably two of the people he loves most, or Hagrid, one of the people he trusts most in the world- yet he didn't mind Luna mentioning Sirius.

I hope I've provided you all with something to think about. Luna was a good and interesting character, in my opinion, and I will be very interested to see how her character- and the relationship between her and Harry- grows and develops.


by Mary McGowan
History Major
CM 301 Cumberland/Kentucky Hall, NKU

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