Harry and Ginny

There is no doubt in my mind that Harry will end up with Ginny in the end. There are a few reasons for this:
1. This would make Harry an official part of the Weasley family, Mrs.Weasley could call him son, and he and Ron would be brothers. As a note on this, Harry never mentions Ginny as being like a sister to him, he never uses those words.
2. Ron likes the idea of Ginny and Harry together, like in OoP p.866, when he tells Ginny to find someone better next time and "..casts Harry an oddly furtive look." That means there won't be any conflict between Ron and Harry if it does happen.
3. Since JKR never does something without reason, I think it highly suspisous that Ginny's ex Michael Corner ends up with Harry's ex Cho. Mis-match couples? This also makes Ginny more of an equal, she is not little Ginny anymore, they are all dating and doing the same things. She is now with Dean Thomas who is the same age and everything as Harry.
4. The fact that Ginny took over for Harry as seeker. Harry mentions more than once how amazed he is with Ginny's talent, he doesn't mention any other players in this way, you would think he would be jeolous since she took his spot but he's not. Also this might be a peep hole into Harry finally noticeing Ginny as more than just Ron's little sister.
5. Ginny is becoming more and more of a prominant character, her and Hermione confide in each other about stuff that they can't tell the boys, also she accompanies Harry and the rest into the Department of Mysteries in Book 5. They all ride home together on the train, like the six have a new bond.
6.Ginny is over Harry. She dates other guys, she can talk and even stand up to Harry when he's being rude. This opens the door for Harry to be the pursuer. Which always makes for better reading.

by Rachel

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