Minister of Magic Weasley?

Could Arthur Weasley be the next Minister of Magic? Astounding new evidence seems to indicate that this is a possibility. Well, after the fifth book, Cornelius Fudge's public image is pretty much ruined. Who can step in to fill the void that will most likely appear in the Ministry of Magic? Why, how about our cheery redheaded friend from the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office?

If Fudge is to leave office, which is a major possibility since he messed up the whole Voldemort thing and then had to admit to the entire wizarding population that he had made a mistake, someone has to step in to take his place as Minister of Magic. The name that first pops into most people's head is Dumbledore. However, if you recall, Dumbledore has no desire to be Minister of Magic. He had turned the offer down before. Umbridge may have had Fudge's vote before, but she's got no chance of much of anything now, especially with the stunts that she pulled, trying to use the unforgivable curses on students. You may still wonder, however, how one would arrive at the idea of little Arthur Weasley becoming Minister of Magic.

In the fifth book, on page 652, Ron says, "We've got about as much chance or winning the Quidditch Cup as dad's got of becoming Minister of Magic." Then Ron saves the day and helps the Gryffindor team win the Quidditch Cup. The impossible doesn't seem so far away.

Arthur Weasley becoming Minister of Magic would be great for the Weasleys. For once, they would have enough money to do more than just scrape by. Mr. Weasley would be great for Wizard-Muggle relations, which will be very important in the upcoming books, with the ever-increasing danger. Draco would be unable to say much of anything to the Weasleys, except for his typical complaints about wizards who disgrace their kind be communicating with Muggles. This is especially true now that Draco is having family problems. If Mr. Weasley became Minister of Magic, Percy would make up almost immediately, now that he would have reason to respect his father in such an important position.

All in all, I think that there is a good chance of Mr. Weasley being the next Minister of Magic. He is smart, kind, and would be a great asset to the Ministry. *Mr. Weasley for Minister of Magic!*

By Amanda Smith


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