Sports in the Wizarding World: Is Quidditch Alone?

It has come to my attention that there may have been other sports, besides Quidditch, in the wizarding world. I would like to share this idea with you in the form of a report about what I've imagined to be the previous wizarding sports.
This report was constructed to examine the wizarding sports. The main reason behind this report was to see why Quidditch has become the wizarding world's main sport. This report will look at various wizarding sports of the past and why they failed. You will see why Quidditch has now become the wizards' sport of choice.
Long ago, flying carpet races were held in Eastern Europe and northern Africa. Wizards came from all over the world to see these races take place, as the high speeds and the beautiful carpets attracted many visitors. However, when flying carpets were outlawed, this sport ceased to exist, except in hidden areas, illegally.
Flying Bumper Cars was another pastime that became obsolete recently. The problem was that thee was no way for the entire car to be protected all of the way around it, while still allowing the driver to see. These enchanted bumper cars flew about at such high speeds that, after one hit, wizards could be easily hurt.
Enchanted Golf also used to be a popular wizarding sport. Several balls were enchanted to fly about to knock the balls off course. However, these small balls were traveling at such high speeds that people were being hurt by these balls, as they were as strong as bludgers and focused all of their energy on a small area. This sport is were the term for an annoying person came up, "little bludger."
Magical Spoons was a family, home-based game of a few years ago. It borrowed the idea from the muggle game of Spoons, but the spoons were enchanted to fight back. This game was outlawed, however, when wizards' schoolchildren were loosing an alarming number of fingers as a result of playing this game at school.
This is, by no means, a complete list of the wizard games of the past. However, this report should give a brief overview of other wizarding sports and help you to realize that Quidditch, with some dangers, still only has a few deaths and vanishings and is much safer than some older, stranger
magical games.

By Amanda Smith


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