Death Eaters: Who are they? What are they?

Death Eaters: Who are they? What are they?

We all know that the "servants" of Lord Voldemort have been christened "Death Eaters". But no one really knows alot about them.

When The Dark Lord started his "rise to power" he started looking for followers. Most say they were afraid, others just wanted a bit of his power...They worshiped him as a God and in return, they were rewarded for their loyalty. For helping Lord Voldemort back to power, Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew) was given a new hand, silvery, and extreemly strong.

Each of the Death Eaters had the Dark Mark burnt into their arm, a way of distinguishing one another, and when The Dark Lord touched a Death Eaters mark, the others felt it burn and were to appartate instantly at his side.

But the question still remains, who were the Death Eaters? The most well-known Death Eater was Wormtail, of course. But there were others, Proffesor Quirrell, who taught Harry Defence Against The Dark Arts in his first year, was, thought by most, a Death Eater. Quirrell shared his body with the Dark Lord, but in return, as far as we know, he got nothing. When Harry took the Philosophers Stone from him, Voldemort had to once again, flee, leaving Quirrell to die. Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater to this day, and, soon, as will be Draco. Crabbe and Goyle(Senior) are also Death Eaters. Professor Snape was a long accused Death Eater, and, proved that he was by showing the Dark Mark. Dumbledore beleives Snape has fully taken himself over to "our side".

So, the Death Eaters and The Dark Lord have come back to power, so what will J.K.Rowling have in store for them? Will they have the power they used to? Who will become Death Eaters? Will Harry have yet another incounter with the Drak Lord and his followers? Who knows....Maybe Harry will find out the truth about why Voldemort wanted him and his parents dead

By C.P.



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