Quidditch is the National Wizards game. So I thought I'd teach you the rules etc!
Ok, there are 4 balls in the game. But there are 3 types.
There is the Quaffle, it's Large and red, about the size of a Soccer ball, used to score goals.
Then theres the Bludgers: Two in a game, black. Slightly smaller than a Quaffle, fly around trying to knock players off their brooms. And the Snitch: Most important Ball in the game. Tiny, the size of a golf ball with wings, very fast and hard to catch.
Ok, now you know the balls, lets talk about the players
There are 7 to play at any one time for each team. First there are 3 chasers. They throw the Quaffle to each other and try to score goals. The keeper Guards the 3 goal-hoops, only one keeper per team. Beaters use a sort of club and try to knock the bludgers towards the other team, there are two beaters. And the Seeker, he,or she, flys around and tries to catch the golden Snitch.
Then there are some basic rules

-There is no time limit in Quidditch, the longest game ever was 3 months, the game only ends when the Snitch is
-Each goal scored by a chaser is worth 10 points.
- Penalty shots are given when you get fouled, eg. attacking another player.
-Catching the golden Snitch is worth 150 points.
-Wands are allowed on the pitch, but you may not use them against another player, or their brooms
There are also the good and not so good broomsticks, I have named all the brooms that there are, according
to Quidditch Through The Ages
-Firebolt (Harry Potter's Broom)
-Oakshaft 79
-The Bluebottle
-Nimbus Line:
*Nimbus 1000
*Nimbus 1500
*Nimbus 2000 (Harry Potter's Old Broom)
*Nimbus 2001 (The Slytherin Teams Brooms)
-Twigger 90
-Silver Arrow (Madam Hooch Learned To Fly On One)
-Cleansweep Series:
*Cleansweep One
*Cleansweep Two
*Cleansweep Three
*Cleansweep Four
*Cleansweep Five (Weasley Twins Have Them)
*Cleansweep Six
*Cleansweep Seven
-Shooting Star (School Brooms & Ron Weasley has a hand-me-down one)
-Comet Series:
*Comet One-Forty
*Comet One-Eighty
*Comet Two-Sixty (Cho Chang Has One)

So there you are. The rules, regulations,etc of Quidditch. What will the future hold for Quidditch?
Will there be better, faster, stronger brooms? Will Harry continue to play after Hogwarts? Will Ron start playing?
Will the rules change? Who knows what JKR has in store for Quidditch....

By C.P.



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