The Dementors Of Azkaban

Dementors are some of the foulest creatures that roam our earth. They infest dark, filthy places and glory on decay and despair- Professor R.J.Lupin

Professor Lupin puts it in exactly the right words. Dementors drain the love, peace and happiness out of the air around them, not only Wizards, but Muggles feel their presence too, even if they can't see them. If you get too near a Dementor, every happy feeling will be sucked out of you. But do they, can they, or did they ever have feelings of their own?

A lot of the Dementors are currently patrolling Azkaban, the Wizard Prison. They keep the prisoners "Trapped inside their own minds" as Sirius Black described it. If you are with Dementors too long, every happy memory of your life will be sucked out of you and you are left with only the worst experiences of your life. They say a Dementor can drain a Wizard of his powers, and reduce him to something like themselves, soulless and evil. How likely is it they can turn to "good" instead of "evil". Could they one day live amongst others as anything else then prison-guards?

A Dementor wears a long, hooded, black cloak, and only lowers its hood when it chooses to use its last, and worst weapon. They call it the Dementor's Kiss. They clamp their mouth onto the victim, and suck out its soul. You still exist, your heart and brain still work, but you have no memory, no sense of self anymore. You exist as an "empty shell" and your soul is gone forever. There is no chance of recovery; you just "wander" until mortal death finally catches up with you. They are fierce opponents. Can they be killed, and if so, how? do they, like all other creatures, die of natural cause too? Might there be more confrontations or even duels with them in coming books?

Dementors cannot see, they feel their way towards you by sensing your emotions, your fears. They thrive in places such as Azkaban, where happiness and peace are basically forbidden. The prisoners are incapable of one single happy thought. The human guards say the prisoner's talk in their sleep, screaming, but no sense is made of their words. Most of the prisoners go mad within a few weeks, and then starve themselves, feeling they have no reason to live on. Not much is know about their background, where they come from, what's their origin, what's their ultimate purpose or goal? How they procreate ... are there any baby-dementors?

The only person known to date of surviving Azkaban, is Sirius Black. He was wrongly accused of killing Peter Pettigrew (wormtail) and at least 20 Muggles in a crowded street.

So, Will the Dementors have control of Azkaban forever?.. What might their role be in the coming books?
We'll just have to wait and see…

By C.P.



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