Who's snape?

I'm more and more fascinated by the character of severus snape. doing some
random researches on the web i discovered that people over 17 are simply
in love with him.
Well, i'll say it too: he's witty, sarcastic, smart, and very very sexy,
and he's what make me read on and on. he's a mystery.
BUT. even if i think he's loyal to dumbledore, he still is...creepy. i mean,
it's horrible to be bullied at school, and i was really angry with sirius
for that, but after all these years as a death eater (and an important one,
doing voldemort's bidding, as karkaroff says), indoubtely spent torturing
and killing people, his "worst memory" still is that old bullying?! being
humiliated at 15 is worse than kill a whole family at 22???
i don't think that many of us will understand it or accept it (all those
theories about snape being compelled to be nasty to harry), but snape really
enjoys seeing the others suffer - probably because he thinks (wrongly?)
that the same people would enjoy seeing HIM suffer. look at his face when
filch was distress by mrs. norris' death! he was "trying hard not to smile"!!
EVEN SO, he's not so bad. not bad at the point to wish the victory of voldemort.
there's still a difference between considering muggle-born inferiors and
wanting them dead.
when he realised that, he tried to go away from voldemort, tried to save
potter's life, maybe to repay he and lily back - but he failed. and now
he's still honour-bound to protect harry, whom he dislikes, and furthermore
snape knows that this boy is the only hope of the wizarding world to get
rid of voldemort. snape is once again depending on a potter to save his
life. humiliated. and harry, not knowing this, act like a fool - doesn't
understand they're in war. i think snape revealed a lot about himslef in
book 5, when he says harry not to be eak and show his emotions. that's how
snape himself could survive all those years. and furthermore, snape is to
be disliked by either side because of what he is.
i cannot say that is going to be a spoiler, because of course i know nothing
about jkr's projects. but her characters are human, and therefore similar
to humans and to humans in other books - and we can guess something by that.
taking an example, sirius is the typical guy who has been away from the
world too long to fit into it again. those characters, however brilliant
and brave, do not have a chance. they are like frodo baggins, who cannot
live in the shire anymore after seeing and feeling all he has, and he leaves.
or like all these poor guys who're back from the war and cannot live in
a normal world anymore...vietnam, iraqui soldiers killing themsleves and
so on.
dumbledore is the teacher. they open the door, but you must cross the soil
alone. i think it's likely he will die after the seventh book.
and SNAPE. we've seen a likely character in stevenson's novel, the last
of the mohicans. he's against the hero all the time, and he hates him, knowing
that the hero is right. and in the end he die for him without forgiving
him to be so more noble than he is. it would be horrible to see snape die,
but i think he will sacrifice himslef in the end.
as for what he's doing now, well, i quite agree that voldemort know he's
a spy. but i think that snape thought malfoy was good. seen when he flinches,
hearing that malfoy apparated besides voldemort?
UNLESS...well, back in the cemetery, voldemort said: one is at hogwarts,
and thanks to him hp is here tonight (weel, of course crouch, i don't know
how you guys can suspect snape!), one is too coward (and we think of karkaroff,
because we've seen him being coward), one has left me, and will die (snape).
but what if jkr has voluntarily showed karkaorff as a coward, so that we
couldn't suspect that snape was the coward....and that he coulde reintegrate
the death eaters?
as for the others...well, isn't it strange that all the weasley attacked
by voldemort have arthurian names? arthur, ginevra, perceval...will they
be the ones to survive or to die?


by heos

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