Harry Potter Facts is looking for Column-writers. If this is something for you, and you think you have what it takes to maintain an interesting weekly/2weekly/monthly column on HPF, contact me with the following content:

  1. Complete personal info
  2. Short or detailed Curiculum Vitae, or listing of prior experience in text-writing
  3. Example of a weekly column written by you, this will be one of the main judged criteria
  4. Motiviation.... "can you "spit" out a weekly or 2-weekly column?"

In case you're wondering "Is there an age-limit or are there other criteria?" Well, no. If you're twelve but can maintain a great column, no problem at all, we'll mainly judge on entered example.

And something which might be burning on your tongue... "What's in it for me?"
Well, shortly; no money :( (yet)... This site is set up as a private project. At this moment we are not in possition to 'hire' people. What we can and will offer is a place on the main entry page of HPF for your column, and depending off the amount of your column/text a 'click-through' to the complete text page / column page. Also we will put any personal, business or educational information in a short resume you want us to put there (within a certain amount of info). Optional we will include your email and/or web-address. Any other requests can of course be included in your entry.

The more columns you write, the higher your info will appear on the column page.

Below an example of how the column will likely be looking like

Column by: John Doe
Ocupation: Columnwriter for New Yorc Tymes


Column by: Johanna Doe
Ocupation: Translator


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